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  1. I emailed my derm about this to see if she knew where they were doing this study and if by chance she was involved. Keep in mind this is a very prominent cosmetic dermatologist here in New Orleans and is on the board of many big companies like Sculptra, Juvaderm and BOTOX and she's been a consultant over the years for Inamed, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Playtex, Kao Brands (Jergens, Curel, Ban, and Biore), Allergan (both skin care and Botox Cosmetic divisions) Dermik, Galderma, Stiefel, Neocutis, Or
  2. I found this about the study http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/st...ml?ana=from_rss and this http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/89971.php and from the Isolagen website http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?...&highlight=
  3. The first subcision I bruised quite a bit (I have a post on here somewhere all about it) because the nurse didn't apply pressure where she was suppose to and I goose-egged on my left temple so a good bruise there. But all bruising was gone within a few days. This time, I have a nice bruise on my left cheek where my worse scarring is. I had a good size cyst removed over 20 years ago by an Army surgeon that was terrible and lived with this scarring for all these years....its is pretty severe.
  4. I had my 2nd subcision this week, the first was about 2-3 months ago. I have pretty moderate to severe scars and the initial subcision helped tremendously. My doc mentioned when she was doing it that my scars were severely tethered down and it felt and sounded like popping through grissle to break the tethers. This subcision two days ago was entirely different. Hardly any retethering and it only took about 15 minutes. I also chose to do BOTOX for my forehead lines and scars and the furrow l
  5. My settings with the Palomar were 65/10 65/10 55/10 (3 passes) My derm said this was a very aggressive setting.
  6. Why not get a subcision? I had one done after my 2nd Fraxel and I am thrilled so far with the improvement. I have rolling scars that my derm calls moderate to severe. I can't do fillers until my Fraxels are over but the improvement has been really good on the rolling scars and I believe that Fraxel has softened them a bit on the surface so far. I plan to get fillers with subcision after my last Fraxel, but my derm said lets wait and see after subcision to see if I really need a filler as the
  7. I've had two treatments with the Palomar 1540. I am fair skinned so I haven't had to worry about my skin tone and hyperpigmentation, but you need to ask around a lot and really question your doc too to make sure that your dark skin wont' cause you any issues later. It's probably safe, but you can't change it later if it does cause a problem. As far as downtime, he lied. If your settings are fairly high to high (my were 65, 65, 55 - 3 passes total) then it is painful and your face is really o
  8. Same here! You should absolutely ask. I even had a second opinion after my 2nd Fraxel with a prominent derm here (I had the consult scheduled long before I started Fraxels so I kept the appointment) and she thought doing subcision(s) while doing Fraxel was the way to go. It breaks the tethers that holds down the scars and not only makes your skin looks so much better but 'damages' the tissue in all the right places to gear up the ability to make collagen. So both of my docs feel like it spee
  9. Ylem - what type of scarring do you have? Have you tried a subcision? I just had one done last week (3 weeks after Fraxel #2) and had have huge improvement! The swelling and bruising are almost completely gone and while I can see my deep scars again - they are not nearly as deep and those will be the ones that will need a filler after my Fraxels are finished (#3 next week). I'm hoping that the Fraxels will give me some collagen filling but mostly I want to change the texture of my skin and g
  10. Did you doctor tell you you'd see improvement right after ONE fraxel? If so, then he IS after your money! It takes on average 5-6 fraxel treatments, spaced 1 month apart. You can start to see improvement after #3 or #4 and then final improvement is usually seen 6-12 months after the last treatment.
  11. really? I haven't read this before. Thanks, I'll do some searching.
  12. I haven't had fillers yet, but the plan is to use Radiesse after subcision when I am finished with my Fraxels, which should be around the end of the year. I just did a subcision after my 2nd Fraxel and I am so far thrilled with the results. I can absolutely see where I will need the Radiesse, but so far, 1 week afterwards the bruising is almost gone and the swelling is minimal if any and I can tell a huge difference! I can't wait to finish up and get Radiesse, which my doc said is the best te
  13. I have only seen slight softening of my scars and some texture improvement, not much. But I know that I really won't see anything until after the 3rd or 4th treatment. My doc is now switching me to a new machine called the Pearl, which is Fraxelated Resurfacing and C02 Ablative combined. More downtime, but she said less time for treatment (about 20-30 minutes), less painful and she said that 1 Pearl is equal to 2-3 Fraxel II's. So hopefully will see more improvement much earlier!