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  1. SO CLOSE to finally being clear and then my chin decides to break out... (Turning 23 next week and WTF it needs to go away for good already) I have some left over scarring on my cheeks that I'll give a year... http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg190/thenext88/me-1.jpg
  2. Well I finally bought some AHA+ to throw into my regimen. I am really hoping this is going to be finally it. I'm now 22, and my face is really starting to clear up. My face now looks comparable to when I was 16, when the acne problem was just beginning. I have been using BP for 4 years now. I've also been using M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer since May. At first I was like meh... but now I swear by it. It'll probably be my long-term moisturizer long even after the red marks and acne fade. My regim
  3. I just applied my first application of AHA+ about 5 minutes ago. I cleaned with the gentle cleanser, used BP, and then applied AHA+. Only problem is my skin stings a little bit right now. Normally I used a moisturizer after applying BP, but I've read in a few posts that when using AHA+ moisturizer is not necessary?
  4. I ran into this program (thanks to Slickdeals) and basically it's a portrait touch up program. It takes like 3 minutes to touch up an image. Take a picture, touch it, and see yourself without acne. The reason I am posting this is because seeing some of my before/after shots really motivates me to stay on top of my acne. Instructions Enjoy!
  5. I'm not sure what you did wrong. I use a 15% serum every night, followed by moisturizer 20 minutes after the application. That doesn't sound right at all. How much did you use exactly?
  6. I can only hope that acne is a blessing in disguise, and that my slow change of diet isn't for nothing. Maybe it somehow is telling us we aren't doing something right, and by becoming healthier and finding out what each of our personal causes of acne are, that it will greatly benefit us many years down the road.
  7. So about a week ago I added up my all of my minerals, nutrients, vitamins and etc. I found out I was getting a good amount of each, except on the Zinc, Copper, and some other metal. I know people take zinc pills here because one theory on the cause of acne is a zinc deficiency. The other while going through the store, Multi Grain Cheerios were on sale. So I picked it up, looked at the label, and the amount of vitamins and minerals were way up there, including a 100% serving of zinc in a 1 cup se
  8. Damnit, I just bought a gallon of 1% milk and 10 cups of yogurt as snacks. Well, next week... How long did it take you to clear up, and what type of acne did you have? There have been long periods where I have gone very low on dairy (like most of college), and periods like recently where I have been very high on dairy, yet looking back now I don't see any correlation between acne and dairy.
  9. I am in the same exact position as you. I just turned 22 about 2 weeks, and I feel I may finally be out growing my acne. One side of my face has no active acne anymore, just some left over red marks. I stopped applying BP to that side about a week ago. If I do see anything, I will apply BP to just that only. The other side still has a few active small areas, so I just use spot treatment on those, making sure I don't apply BP to areas that haven't seen any acne in quite some time. I've also gone
  10. I'm pretty sure I'm fine with dairy. I actually picked up yogurt about 3 weeks ago and have been eating that on a regular basis (as well as cereal with whole milk) and despite that my acne still kept getting better. I have mostly red marks (some have which have already and are fading) with just a few active spots at this point. I will keep it in mind though. And thank you for the brown rice tip.
  11. Yesterday I went shopping, and decided to pretty much go all out healthy. My diet before this pretty much consisted of cereal, sandwiches with cold cuts, hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, and etc. I did eat the occasional fruits, but veggies were non-existent. I pretty much went throughout the entire always hungry or craving food and that was likely because my nutrient intake was probably limited by what I ate. So, these are my food options now...
  12. I'm all for timed masturbation, because what I have noticed at least with me is that after finishing, my face starts to feel a bit oily within the next half hour. So if and when I do, I'll be taking my nightly shower within the next hour.
  13. I've been taking Whey on/off depending on when I go to the gym, and haven't noticed any correlation to its use as far as acne goes.
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    Thanks to my oily skin I am non-photogenic. The camera flash illuminates my face and it really just... it's like if you were to take the bad things about my face (oily skin, small amount of scarring, and some left over acne) and just amplify them and hide the good things, that's what a camera does to me. In half my pictures I almost look like a drunken mess after a hard night of partying. Looking in the mirror and looking at my pictures makes me just think "WTF?" I'm winning the battle against
  15. Well if Jojoba oil opens the pores... would is not make sense to use before or during the washing of your face? I don't see the reason of putting Jojoba on last unless being used as a moisturizer.