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  1. I am a sensitive guy, I would of went up to them.. I remember one time this girl was like "you should try washing your face" ..Well my golly..I should try that...I mean..hmm i haven't tried that over 2 million times.
  2. mat

    Haha this dudes really cool:]

  3. Day 6 My face seems to be getting alot more better..I havent got any new zits lately.. (a few small ones, but thats common) But I think the clindamycin is working good in preventing new pimples. Again just so people know I have been applying the highest amount of benzoy peroxide at the same time while using this stuff
  4. Anti-Biodics help stop acne from starting right? and does benzoy peroxide help get rid of current acne?
  5. Day 3 My face is definitely improving off of this stuff. I did some reviews on this, and it looks like after 4 months im going to have to switch products, as your body will become immune to the anti biodic. I have been applying Benzoy peroxide through out the day as welll..Why? Because the anti-biodics stop the acne from starting, and the benzoy peroxide kills the existing acne.. (I believe..im not 100% sure, maybe someone can back me up on this)
  6. Benzoy peroxide will increase your chances of skin cancer if you wear it out in the sun.. I use to think nature is the best way to cure acne..but now i been getting some big ass zits, and now I beleve you need chemicals when it comes to that.. and btw, it is vitamin D. Sorry about that. btw did our great great great parents die off of the sun because they dident have sun screen? how did they survive from the sun?
  7. The sun has vitamin C...I dont get how it would give you scars..
  8. I saw that at walgreens..I was like "Finally" Than I looked at the price and my mouth dropped. And by the way bro, I think you would be better of just going to the doctor and getting a subscription for Anti-biodics oral or tropical
  9. Does the sun help with acne?..Or is this a theory?
  10. Day 2 I woke up the next day with some major cramps. (I got alot of props for you girls now). I could see alot of puss coming out from the zits that I applied it on.. I also applied benzoy peroxide a few times a day (over the counter 10%, doctor told me to keep using this as its effective)
  11. I have alot of respect for girls. So I would never say anything to a girl..
  12. What if its a girl making fun of me? Do I say.. " I knew I shouldent of fucked you?"
  13. Yeah but, if thats you in your display, your really pretty. you have nothing to worrie about besides the guys that go after you:)
  14. I was walking out to a book store today, and a person came up to me and asked "you got any money" im like "naw" and so he's like "yeah you do, you got herpes on your face"... made my day shitty.. so yeah..anyone ever go through the same shit?
  15. I got prescribed Clindamycin phosphate tropical solution 1% I'm not sure how well it works, going to try it tonight. It cost me 11 dollars with insurance and I got prescribed another thing, I dont remember the name but they wanted 100 dollars for it, and so I said no way..so I wana know if anyone has any luck with Clindamycin?
  16. I have some pretty sever acne..I am currently 16.. And I had like 4 girlfriends so far with my acne.. So its not impossible to not get a girl if you have acne oh and all the girls i dated..had perfect skin haha.
  17. ah and I just remembered she said don't use children's Aspirin
  18. I was watching the this show on tv. And this lady that was saying about home remedies and she brought up acne:D she said "take a lemon, and a aspirin and crush the aspirin and pour lemon juice over the crush aspirin and sorta mix it and than apply it to your face over night, and wash it in the morning" So I thought I would try this...It seems to be working beleve it or not and I had some pretty server acne..Im wondering if any of you out there have tryed this before or even heard about it? But