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  1. AcneScript is a great product that worked for me, and probably will work for you.

    It doesn't stop your acne 100% but it does a perfect job with blemishing. I know I use to get those bright red color zits on my face, and would hate to go out in public, but with AcneScript It reduces that problem. On top of that, I do notice less break outs, And less oily skin. Let me explain the ingredients in acnescript:

    Vitamin B5: B5 often gives a initial breakout (a temporary increase of acne),Some people see a breakout and quit AcneScript without knowing how effective AcneScript might have been in their bodies.

    If B5 is working, it lowers the amount of oil/sebum on the skin, which can also cause dry skin. In my case oil reduction happened very quickly, something like 4 days. I also noticed a change in acne. It maybe became more liquid? After that I had a breakout for something like 1 week. After the breakout, it was a matter of time before my skin became clear.

    Zinc: A study conducted at Duke University provides evidence that Zinc is an important antioxidant supporting healthy skin. Among the findings: "Zinc protects against UV radiation, enhances wound healing, contributes to immune and neuropsychiatric functions, and decreases the relative risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease." So, in addition to the antioxidant benefits zinc offers to our skin, zinc is also important for the proper functioning of the immune system.

    Organic turmeric: This I find the most interesting ingredient in AcneScript, To face facts, Researchers are still researching the benefits of Turmeric and Acne, But what we do know is it is a potent natural anti-inflammatory that works as well as many anti-inflammatory drugs but without the side effects.

    All the ingredients I mentioned above are found in Acnescript, and they play a very important role in eliminating acne. AcneScript worked for me, will it work for you? Give it a try! They offer a money back guarantee, And hey, If it doesn't work, Your doing something good for your body.

  2. I guarantee you the Pills are safe. I've been taking them for exactly a month now, And I've seen some great improvements. I still break out every now and than, But than again, There is no Cure for acne, But taking AcneScript will help you out alot. I don't work for the company, But I do have connections with the owner, And I never had a problem with him not responding to my emails, He usually emails me within a hour.

  3. The company Posted another blog, And I quote

    "I decided to change the "you'll start to see results in 4 days" to "within a week."

    Hmmm that doesn't exactly inspire. Did they test this product or not? Also the ingredients list just reads like another roll-call of all those anecdotally effective supps like B5, zinc, garlic etc which we've all tried at one time or another often to no great effect.

    Sounds to me like a little cottage industry who've just jammed them all into one pill in a kind of "scattergun" approach based on all these traditionally used supps. Who knows? Maybe this particular combination will work... All I know is that I've tried most of the ingredients on the list as individual supps and in combination with others and got mainly not alot. :shrug:

    For those of you that are still sketchy on rather the company is legit or rather they have tested there product, I did some research on the ingredients inside of AcneScript. All of the Ingredients in acnescript are safe, and effective in acne (In fact, all the ingredients listed in AcneScript are in somehow and someway related to helping your body fight acne) So take my word.

    Organic Turmeric: Turmeric can help support the healing of acne prone skin and is used in numerous natural and organic skin care products specifically for the treatment of acne.

    Vitamin b6:

    Dr B Leonard Snider of Pennsylvania reported that vitamin B6 is particularly helpful in cases of acne. In one study involving adolescent girls who had menstruation difficulties, he noted reduced symptoms of acne by 50 - 75%.

    Organic Burdock: Organic Burdock is a very effective treatment for the relief of acne, dry skin and eczema when used in an oil or water infusion.

    Vitamin b5: Vitamin B5 / Pantothenic Acid is an acne treatment. Taking it in large doses orally, can decrease the skins oil / sebum production.

    There's a few more ingredients to acneScript, I just mentioned a few. So rather it works or not for your acne, Remember your doing something great for your body.

  4. The company Posted another blog, And I quote

    "I decided to change the "you'll start to see results in 4 days" to "within a week." Most people due start to see results on day 3-4-5 but we have had a few who contacted us at a week who were just starting to see something. Actually we even had one customer at 12 days - so things can vary by individual So - better to roll back people's expectations. This way most people will be surprised when it kicks in earlier"

  5. @honeymaid

    I know you said the webiste looks sketchy, Just the other day the company posted a blog post saying "It's been pointed out more than a few times that our website looks like an amateur made it. To set the record straight...an amateur did make it. Me! We didn't have the wherewithal to do everything fancy - and the website was an area that we chose to skimp. We put our money into our ingredients and into our free samples. The website can wait. I will happily hand it over to someone in a few months."

  6. Also If you drink alot of Energry Drinks (RockStar, Full Throttle) Keep in mind not to go to crazy on them while taking AcneScript. Acnescript contains will over 4,000%DV on B Vitamins.. And yes its possible to overdose on vitamins, So just watch yourself. I know for myself I drink 2-3 Rockstars per day, I'm cutting that out of my program Haha.

  7. I agree with you completely. My skin is way less oily (Obviously it's a good thing, it helps out with acne) I haven't seen any major improvements expect my zits seem to be getting smaller.

    I spoke with the owner of acnescript, He said you wont see any major improvements tell 3-5 days after taking acnescript. He also indicated to me that the company is losing money. So seriously, If you guys like AcneScript, Be sure to buy it.

    I also asked him about possible discounts for return members (Members that will continue to buy from Acnescript for a long period of time) He said in the future there will be a discount.

  8. Here's a question I wonder, Why should I use the acne.org regimen? What makes it so good? Seriously I could go to Walgreen or walmart and get a acne kit for $20.00 without having to pay shipping costs, My question is, Is it a way to make Acne.org some money, Or is it to benefit us? Hmm... Like to hear your comments.

  9. Seriously, You guys need to step up to the plate. Why the fuck can't you do what others do? Because you have some pretty major acne, Your going to let it stop you doing what you want to do? You've ever heard of the quote "Tis better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for what your not?" My ex girlfriend once told me, "Acne will go away, but a bad personality wont"..

    Take that into consideration.

  10. Dude... You can only do the best you can do to stop acne. Who cares what others think. I've had acne since I was 12 years old, I'm almost 19 now, I still have some pretty bad acne, But it doesn't get me down... I still get the attractive girls, I still eat the things I want, and I still smoke and what not, But seriously man, You can't go your whole life worrying about that shit. Step your game up Bro, You can be higher than what you are now.!!

  11. This company and its site seems a bit sketchy....

    They only have one good review on the site and they have a link to this site espousing all of these positive reviews but if you look at the link there is about three reviews and it appears as though only two of those people are legitimately talking about this particular product.

    This seems suspect.....

    its a brand new product thats why there isnt many reviews yet


    Well, that is true and I figured that. So, yesterday I contacted the company asking for more background information and they literally emailed me minutes later with no information about their background. This makes me a bit more dubious.

    You need to understand that making pills as a private label is pretty easy to do. Any of us can make pills from a company that makes them. Acnescript tells the company the ingredents they want in there pills and the company probably charges them maybe $5.00 a bottle of pills (If even that) than they resell it to us for $23.00.. It's easy money making, The trick is the ingredents though.

  12. Ight, So Just wanted to post this for the guys out there that think the chicks wont like them because they have acne..

    This girl once told me back when I was 15, That "Acne is fixable, And a bad personality isn't" And yeah I find that to be true. Don't let your acne get you down The chick should like you for who you are (Be careful about the rich Hollister girls, they can be challenging) Overall Yeah I was that age before, and I know it can be tough, for those that need support, Respond here, Or PM Me.. I'll try to raise your motivation up:)

  13. I asked my doctor to perscribe me Epiduo, I kept seeing the TV AD and of course, It seemed pretty good. After getting it yesterday, I read the Active ingredients in it.. It containts 2.5%Benzoy peroxide and 0.1% Adapalene

    Now I can go to over the counter and get a 10% benzoy peroxide for about $5.00

    (Compared to Epiduo that costs $219.00 Retail Price). I'm not sure of Adapalene I never heard of it.. But 0.1% seems really low for whatever it is. Has anyone had any Luck with Epiduo? I use to use Clindmycin, Which was about $23.00 Retail... So it's amazing going to a $219.00 product, It should work for the price (I got the coupon online for $20.00 each time I get a refill) Overall tell me your thoughts about Epiduo? Has it worked for you? Is it worth it?