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  1. unfortunately is not that simple strech marks has dermis, but its structure is different from normal skin , its not scar tissue but is similar to it, collagen is oriented in one direction (third pic)
  2. food for thought, how tropoelastin, an injectable material, will remove scars, stretch marks, acne scars without removing the flaw first, even if it has regenerative capacity, the first thing you have to do is to remove the scar tissue..
  3. one more thing, you can go higher than 10% removal of tha area you can go even close to 40% without scarring as studies show, but if you ask me i am confortable with 25% removal of the area every 1-2 monthes
  4. microcoring is not all about tightening, profes here , 10% removal of the skin with microcoring and primary closing of cores leads to 9% srinkage, otherwise without closing of the cores, you get only 3% srinkage of the area check this out.
  5. full of the area will be treated with microcoring if scars are separated by healthy skin …
  6. not exactly …. skin tightening happens only if you close the holes in first place … usually with elastic membrane if you don't close the holes then skin tightening will not happen basically it will but at very small extent the skin contracts because of myofibroblast activation microcoring doesn't trigger myofibroblast activation and skin doesn't contracts if you see the before and after the skin didn't tight at all... look at the patent they said that microcoring will be usefull to rele
  7. appendages can grow back in a healthy skin that's why sometimes lasers and microneedling trigger hair follicle formation
  8. it needs 4-6 treatments, if you do the math , first treatment 25% scar coverage this means you remove 25% of the scar you wait 3 monthes you remove other 25% of the scar you wait 3 monthes another 25% after 4 treatments you will have remove 100% but lets say the last treatments the healthy skin is more than scar and you cant see were is the scar to be sure that you will have remove 100% of the scar you do more two treatments , in total you have removed 150% of the affected area.... the studies
  9. the image is little small I cant make it big I don't know how, it is from cytrellis patent . microcoring removes full thickness skin (epidermis and the dermis) and you can see how the microcavity heals with new collagen
  10. MD. Cytrellis’s technology should be available by the end of 2019…. this is what they are saying, also a second company named recros medica plan to release their microcoring machine at the end of 2019 BUT because they are using 1,5mm diameter of core needles it has a danger for scarring so they are closing the microcavities with an elastic membrane and the skin is tightening, cytrellis is using smaller needles. you have an option with cytrellis . let the microcavities open and then the microc
  11. this is how microcoring works basically , you said it of your own small wounds doenst get scarring , microcoring remove scars in micro scale . the microcavities doesnt get scars... something you may dont know is that scars have fibroblasts , if you see a histological examination of a scar you can see fibroblasts there... this happen because myofibroblasts are not something different than fibroblasts they are the same cells but they have activated from inflammatory responds . so more inflammatio
  12. to all these questions . your acne scars, uneven textures , jagged areas small pits what ever the answer is microcoring , market release end of 2019 cytrelis patent says: Technologies, methods, and/or devices described herein can be used for treatment of scars. Scars are characterized by fibroblast proliferation and overexpression of collagen that crosslinks and aligns in one specific direction. Scar tissue is often inferior to healthy tissue, e.g., scars in the skin are less resista
  13. i didnt expect something better from you are u supporting scars and improvements products i havent underastoond your roll in the thread for a long time , firstly the hydrogel from Sunogel is a device (second level) this type of category takes months for fda approval , the problem with sunogel is funding and money.. you are full of negatively, doctor Sun has posted an scientific paper and he clearly shows skin regeneration in porcine models, now you will say aaaahhh skinte showed regeneration in
  14. 20 years lmaooooo you dont have a clue
  15. good luck preclinical end 3Q 2019
  16. Fs2 never claimed scarless healing
  17. do you think they will cut all your face and apply a gel skinTE on top of it? it looks scary who whould gonna do this ? by the way skinTE doesn't even promote scarless healing it shows efficancy to close wounds and replace split thickness skin grafts for severe burns that's what skinTE is about or you know something about skinTE I don't know explain please ...… also don t forget skinTE needs a biopsy of full thickness skin with fat and this create a new scar and the doctor will close it with st
  18. why Accutane stunt your growth ? Accutane has zero affect on your growth It doesn't affect hormones which are responsible for growth.
  19. I am studing chemical engeeniring and I will follow biotechonology in my 4 years of my studies now I am on the second year send me the f*cking recipe xd