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  1. I have been on Accutane for 16 weeks (112 days). I am male, 18 years old. Im 5'9 and weigh about 148. I have been on 60mg/day since day one. Ever since starting accutane, my hair has been dry and just last month i have noticed it getting much thinner. I have ALWAYS had thick hair, so it kind of worried me, yet i kept taking it. Now, just about a week ago, i have noticed hair falling out, like on my pillow case and stuff, and these past couple of days, my hair around my MPB areas, i have noticed,
  2. Yeah i dont reccomend dairy. i stopped drinking milk and started takin it with a meal, then 2 tbsp. peanut butter and like 3 or 4 fish oil pills, and i haven't broken out since. i think it absorbs way better that way.
  3. i'm guessing you have to wait till you are finished accutane before using that since it seems a bit harsh?? is there anything u can use while on accutane?
  4. Emu oil is awesome! I've been using it about a week, maybe a little longer. I wash at night with purpose gentle cleanser, then use emu oil to moisturize, and then just wash with water in the morning. Its done wonders for my "tane burn" and my face isn't red now...and it isn't dry at all. just nice...oh and i've been completely clear for almost 2 months now, and it hasn't broken me out at all since i started using it.
  5. I got Emu oil yesterday and used it last night. My skin isn't red at all today. and it doesn't clog pores, and it heals your skin. Its AWESOME! I can't wait til i have been using it for a few weeks...im sure the effects are cumulative.
  6. I've been on accutane 3.5 months and i need something to help with red marks, and general redness of my skin. I have been doing research on Emu Oil and i think it is a good choice for me to try. I was just wondering if anyone knew if this kind would be ok? It says Pure Refined Emu Oil... http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/brow....jsp?id=LW-1001 Anyone have any good experiences with Emu oil? Has it broken anyone out? Or helped anyone? All input is VERY much appreciated! THANKS!
  7. I drank a glass of milk every day with mine for the first month. in that month, i got cystic acne on my cheeks and chin...which i have NEVER had before. Then, i thought it could be that i have an intolerance for milk...so i started taking it with a peanut butter sandwhich, and fish oil pills (healthy fat). Anyways about a week or 2 later i stopped breaking out and haven't had a spot since. Coincidence? i dunno. But i have not had one glass of milk since. Oh and im in the middle of month 3 and h
  8. Antibiotics ONLY kill bacteria. Thats all they do to help acne. If your acne is inflamed, they will help a lot. Thats why derms usually prescribe a retinoid (tazoarc, retin-a, differin...) with an antibiotic. The retinoid keeps comedones from forming and the antibiotic keeps comedones from getting inflamed by killing the bacteria...
  9. If you want encouragement i could PM you some pics of my progress so you could maybe see what to expect...
  10. I think it could be part of your IB. It depends on your definition of IB though. My skin got worse just that quick, and i think it is because you stopped all of the topicals, like i did. It will probably be worse until the tane kicks in...then maybe you will have an IB. Hang in there though...i broke out like never before for the first month and a half. After that, it just stopped. Im in the beginning of month 3 and have been clear for 3 weeks. Just red marks now...but they are not too bad. H
  11. Dont say crap like that you douchebag. just because it didnt work for you, there are MANY more people that it CURES or atleast treats and clears, so they can contain it. You dont need to be scaring people into not taking it because it didnt work for you, and you are sore about it... By they way i have many friends that are still clear from taking it YEARS ago. And im at the end of my 2nd month and completely clear for the past 2 weeks. So keep crap like that to yourself. ;)
  12. Hey im on 'tane...day 36 i think? Anyways, i got those too around my mouth . it was really dry in the area, but i still had large bumps there. Anyways, all i can say is moisturize, but be GENTLE! Mine went away with some cortisone shots from my derm...i had a terrible IB though...compared to my normal mild acne. CYSTS on the sides of my face and pimples everywhere! and i NEVER get cysts! but anyways im on day 36 like i said, and my skin is getting SO clear! I havent had a breakout in 5 or 6 day
  13. Hey dude just to let you know...you will prob be oily, maybe even MORE oily for the first week. Day 7 is when my skin got dry...just to let you know. Good Luck!