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  1. I know this is extremely old! But, I have such a severe case of closed comedones and have been thinking about accutane. I started on Spironolactone a week ago and tretinoin, i'm just not convinced it's going to be enough for me. Did you acne ever clear from Accutane????
  2. Aw damn! I know what you mean though, some days my skin looks better than others. I've also heard that spiro takes a long time and the whole gets worse before it gets better thing. Maybe start every second day with the tretinoin and just wash gently? I'm sure you're already doing those things anyway, but I used Differin last year, a weaker retinoid, which helped a lot looking back but after trying it again in January, it didn't work the same for some reason. Definitely stick it out with spiro an
  3. Well that's encouraging! I am also using tretinoin cream in combination with the spiro, and it can be quite irritating. I also started on the pill a month ago since I was pretty convinced it's hormonal. I'm going into week 2 of my spiro right now and haven't noticed any side effects yet or any clearing, but I know it's still very early. May I ask when you started to notice your face clearing?
  4. I've been continuing with the sea salt daily and unfortunately, I think it was just one of those "better skin day" flukes. I haven't seen any drastic improvement like I did the first day. My skin is so up & down even between morning/night. I am still taking the Spiro (i'm going into my 2nd week right now) and also the tretinoin that i try to do as often as I can..but my face has been so raw and dry everyday so i'm trying to cool it with the chemicals for a bit until it can heal a little. I h
  5. I know this is from Feb. and you may have already cleared yourself, but maybe this can help others. I broke out with the most SEVERE closed comedone case i've ever seen about 2 months ago. I've been using tretinoin, spironolactone and a rx antibiotic cream. I've only been using them for roughly 3 weeks (the spiro i only started last week) and my face was just getting worse and worse. I know that it may just be the initial breakout, but i've been so depressed over it and not leaving the house. I
  6. They are indeed closed comedones. My face looks almost EXACTLY like yours..maybe even a little worse. I had this acne all over my face as a teen, but have been clear all the way up to just a month ago (i'm 27). I'm honestly devastated about it. I was just put on Tretinoin and Spironolactone today. I've literally tried everything else for these suckers. Any checmical peel you can name. My recommendation is to go see a dermatologist and try not to waste your money on anything over the counter.
  7. I hope this drug works for me! I was just started on it today for a (what i consider severe) breakout of closed comedones all over my cheeks/jaw and neck. Did you have any experience with those? I'm 27 and had pretty clear skin until a month ago
  8. They are closed comedones. Mine started out like this and now my cheeks and jawline are completely covered (not trying to scare you!). It got so bad that I finally saw a derm and was started on tretinoin and spironolactone. Tretinoin is what is highly recommended topically for them.
  9. They look like closed comedones to me. My jawline/cheeks have become plagued with them the past month. Just started on tretionoin and Spironolactone. Hoping it helps!
  10. May I ask what kind of acne you have? I was just started on 100mg Spiro today and have mostly severe closed comedones. I'm so nervous..i really wish the derm would've just started me on accutane today, but i have to give this 2 months