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  1. hello, i hope your acne clears up.

  2. girls r nothin but trouble kid.....id stay away if i was u lol
  3. as bad as cancer??? lol yall some complainin ass mo fos around herer
  4. o snapz...what school u go to molly?? my girl lives in daly
  5. wher does he live? ayo, i heard ur in san fran??? im in east oakland, hoollaa at me! lol
  6. why everyone gotta hate on thoes with acne?? we may nevr understand
  7. my bad lol let me get another http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/3225/l8...a9969108av6.jpg
  8. im jus sayin...u cant really b depressed cuz of acne...if u r then i feel bad for u....u gots a roof over ur head, u eatin, right? whats to be mad about lol...yall really need to straighten up for real
  9. sum people really do hate their moms tho for real...i remember i pushed my mom down some stairs a few years bak lol...im kinda sorry bout it now but at the time i thot it was right for me t o do
  10. yall lucky u work..i havent had a job since high school lol