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  1. This is the beginning of the second week of Isotretinoin (Amnesteem) and I have broken out with whiteheads on my upper back and the center of my chest. Is this supposed to happen or could the breakout be due to something else? I know that people usually break out on their face during their course (which is happening to me) but not once have I heard of someone breaking out on the lower parts of the body. My concern is that I'm the only one experiencing this and nobody else can relate; so is it
  2. I was just prescribed my first 30 pills at 40mg with instructions to take one pill daily. I'm sure the dosage is correct, but is there any difference between taking two 20mg pills seperately morning and evening? My current plan is to take one 40mg after a wholesome, fatty dinner with a bit of water. Is this a good way to go?
  3. Yeah, I myself am still a bit concerned with the activity of healthy bacteria from my previous use of antibiotics. I took tetracyclin, minocycline, another antibiotic (can't seem to remember the name), and a sulfur-based pill. They controlled my acne to a degree, but not to the level of personal satisfaction. On the side of interpersonal relationships, I must agree that acne forced me to develop an attractive personality so I could make friends. I still have yet to have a girlfriend, but I'm
  4. So for the past month or so I was doing very well on a dietary plan, including all vital supplements, apple cider vinegar, fish oil, low-GI (avoided all dairy and wheat). The problem is, I'm off to college in just three days, and obviously it's not very realistic to keep up this regimen in a world where the menu is ubiquitously composed of dairy and wheat products, share a room with someone for the first month and use a public bathroom, let alone take a bus to the health food store to continue
  5. Which one of these generic brands is usually the most highly reccomended or reputable.