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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday! :D

  5. Nice pun, your nom de plume.

  6. I am in the Bay Area :)

  7. Where in CA are you at? I'm on the Penninsula.

  8. Where have you been, mister?! Hmph. You are missed.

  9. Hey, no problem, glad to do it. Zathras is one of my favorite characters on the show, and I like season 3 only slightly less than season 4. We live for The One, we die for The One!

  10. Just checked my comments! Thank you for the Zathras quote - a good laugh for a good day! (God I wish I could learn how to talk like him!)

  11. Cannot run out of Time. You... Are finite. Zathras... Is Finite. This... Is wrong tool.