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  1. I've been suffering with acne every since i was 15, the high school days ( i`m 23 now). let's just say there are many occasions that i simply wouldnt let myself out of the house to see people due to acne. Like many others on this website, i've had tried many over the counter products and even proactive. Nothing worked. After landing on this website and many of days of extensive research on how to better my acne, i decided to purchase the products on this website.. i was really hesitant because
  2. no i did not order it yet, just wondering if anyone from the states order it and got it through
  3. has anybody in the states try to order this?. im ordering mines on Pharmacy2U.co.uk and i read their terms and condition and it says With respect to the supply of medicines to the USA, you understand that this supply is subject to the control of the US Customs and the FDA as they cross the US border which may result in delay or non-delivery of your order. Pharmacy2U Ltd cannot guarantee an exact delivery time of your order and in instances where your order is seized by US customs, Pharmacy2U Lt
  4. darkxghost is this what u been using? http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...;id=prod2499873 the panoxyl bar?
  5. is there anyway that you can get it in the US?.. I tried to order it from the site, it dosent ship to the states
  6. i tried the foam that u get from walgreens and it dosent seem to be working
  7. hoursafter you tried the cream/foam one and it dosent work at all?....
  8. i went and bought myself PanOxyl foaming acne wash this morning, kinda wondering if i just apply the foam on my back after shower?. and do i do this for everyday? is this the right product? http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...;id=prod3156487