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  1. daywalker


    Scars on cheek
  2. 'summerlover1009' Hello did you try using Bp it takes time to get rid of acne scaring espically deep ice pick scars i should know i had laser resurfacing and had 7 microdrmabasion done on my face and you could still see some of the scars on my cheeks. But my Doc gave a cream called ENVIRON rich in Vitamin a and it seems to be working it took all the red of my face and my scarring is smoother than before my Doc said it will like a year to see major improvement . It's cost's like 70$ canadia
  3. Hi fressssh Will i have some acne scars they look like dents on my cheeks i've had laser resurfacing done and microderm you could still see some of the dents but i'm using a cream called ENVIRON high in vitamin a my doc said in a year you should see some major improvement . It takes time man espically the deep scars maybe a couple of years to get rid of the deep scars ice pick kind. good luck!!
  4. [Ami24 Take it easy dude 9 to 10 capsules that's a little much man i don't even think it's save to take all that they do have side effects. Oh well it's your decision man!! A BAD decision !! Peace!!
  5. Take it EASY people GOD this GOD that i'm a true believer of Jesus Christ. It's just acne i had it too there are people out there that are handycap, or have cancer more serious challenges. And you guy's want to jump of a birdge because you got Bad acne i've been rejected by girls i know it sucks but you have to deal with it. It's not us with acne that have a problem it's SOCIETY, Movies, Magazines, hollywood they expect you to look a certain way you know what you say that Kiss my F***
  6. Oh Please give me a break AVC ya right i spoke to my DERMA she said there is no way stick to accutane. So you are comparing AVC to ACCutane don't think so !! I've tried using it on my face it just dries out your skin and that's not good for your face Drinking it i don't think so. Prove it let me see your before and after pictures i'm thinking you had sever acne and it took 3 years oh god better off taking accutane. don't listen to this people !!
  7. That's a LOAD of CRAP give me a break jerk offs talk to your doctor if it were the case you wouldn't have sex again or masterbate it's the same thing. Hey i have acne too LIVE with that's the way it is. accutane that's the only thing that could help you that's it boys and girls!! Seriously you guys need to get out of the house STOP being PERANOID!!!
  8. So what's the best product for blackheads and white heads i have oily skin. And by the way people that suffer from acne still get some break outs that's how it is people you can't completely get rid of acne accutane or not.
  9. Sorry to tell you but acne still comes back no matter what acutane doesn't completley take it all off. I should know i did 2 treatments of it acutane like 7 years ago and i still get a little acne but it did take most of it away i use to have lots of cysts and they are gone. And i'm a guy and 32 years old be patient it takes time that's what i tell everyone.
  10. People come down big deal you got some pimples if girls are that picky then they seem to have some issuse. It's like not dating a girl because she's got a flat chest. not everyone looks like brad pitt ! they are just pimples man it's not he looks like the elephant man! that's pretty sad if that's how some girls think!!!
  11. You might be right accutane doesn't completley take all the acne away you will still get a little acne when you finish your treatment. It's not a miracle drug i should know i did 2 treatments of acutane this was like 7 years ago and i still get alittle bit of acne but it did take most of the acne away.