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  1. Honestly, the guy looks like he still has severe acne, so he's probably still getting new scars regularly.
  2. Hmm technically, TCA is self-neutralizing, so it shouldn't matter whether it's washed or not.
  3. That's true. Did you know that before I had scars myself, I didn't even notice people's acne scars? They could have some really bad acne scars, and I wouldn't even notice that they had them.
  4. Hey man, what do you have against the dude? I'm not the biggest fan, but this seems straight up slander lol.
  5. I checked a scar on my knee that I've had since I was 10 years old. I'd forgotten about it over the years, but reading this topic prompted me to check how it looks like right now. I actually had difficulty locating it. It's faded a lot over the 22 years since I've gotten it. From a distance, it's as close to normal skin as you can get, and it's difficult to tell there was a scar there even under different lighting. It IS still a scar though, since it's a bit whiter than my normal skin, and the
  6. IIRC TCA is self neutralizing, so once the frost is visible, you can already consider it neutralized.
  7. Maybe you can save the pics and post those instead?
  8. Yeah, I mean, that's a pretty close up shot of her face in the "After", and her scars are well-defined boxcar scars, which means they should be quite visible regardless of lighting. If I had those kinds of results, and my scars looked like that under that kind of lighting, I doubt I'd think about them much anymore.
  9. I mean, it's a great improvement regardless of lighting, is it not?
  10. I can't see it? I don't think it's worth doing anything about since it's practically invisible even under harsh lighting. For skin texture, maybe look into retinoids and niacinamide.
  11. Have you tried regularly applying retinoids and glycolic acid? I've had great results with regular use of tretinoin on the texture of my skin and pores. They also used to have a rough quality, not dissimilar to your situation.
  12. The science behind microneedling is sound. In fact, lasers and microneedling almost work on the same principle. except one is thermal and the other is mechanical. It's just that there are so many variables to treatments -- scar severity, type, the patient's ability to heal, even expectations-- that can determine a successful outcome from microneedling.
  13. I saw some results maybe 2-3 weeks after my first microneedling. Do note that this was medical with a dermapen device. I forgot to mention that I also had subcision done a week ago. It's kinda strange since subcision is supposed to be for deeper scars, and I have shallow surface scars. However, I heard lots of pops and snaps that are the signs of breaking tethers, which means that subcision was actually doing something. Still too early to say how much improvement I get.
  14. I've been seeing Davin Lim talk about a procedure called TCA multi coat paint technique which seems to be a variant of CROSS, but with lower concentrations and is meant for boxcar scars. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much info about it other than some posts here and there as well as a couple of realself replies.