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  1. For length alone that deseves applause. But that made a lot of sense. The only answer I have is that every one has a diff skin type, so what could cure one might make another worse. If we were all the same, there'd only be one answer. You just have to search awhile, and hopefully you'll find yours.
  2. I'm not a big fashion person, I spend most of my time on the streets with my friends. I'm a spray paint artist so obviously it's where I like to be. I got to reading some of the threads on here and started feeling a little guilty. I have zero fashion sense(sp) and don't want to be wearing a&f or hollister. But I sort of firgured on my own that I look like trash. Skimpy blue camo tank with black jacket, ripped jeans, and dirty shoes. That's just my style. I can't exactly wear heels and b
  3. Im one of those people too. My friends keep bugging me for new pics cause the last one they have of me is from 8th grade. I've just always been camera shy though. Last semester I got ISS for sneaking out to the parking lot with some friends on picture day.
  4. I use different brands, just cause I'm hoping to find something better. If I find a good brand, I'll just use those products.
  5. I don't like the taste of beer but I drink it at parties, and never noticed getting break outs from it. I know that if I get high too much I might start to break out.
  6. If they do I'd have to send someone else to get it for me. I'm one of those people who just can't buy embarassing products at stores. I blush when I walk by the underwear isle. I think I got scarred as a kid when my mom was buying athletes foot spray for my brother. The check out guy was laughing and my mom started asking what was so funny... I swear thats the first and only time I've ever been asked to leave an eckard. She almost climbed over the counter to get at him. ..I think I'll just sti
  7. I'm 5'7 (yuccck) and I weight 130. I have to order pantss with a 34-37 inch inseam. I'm a size two. they just don't make pants for people like me. I'd love to find a pair of pants that drag on the floor. I haven't been able to find long pants in stores at all. I miss being short. and why do people love shopping so much? It bores me to tears. Good luck in your jeans search
  8. When I feel really depressed or my acne pounces out of no where I usually just go to sleep so I don't have to think about it. Am I alone on this?? I also watch a lot of comedies or just mope around like a boring dull person. What do you do when you're feeling ugly or depressed? I'm curious. I might steal one if it cheers me up.
  9. I used to feel that way all the time. It was with everything. Whenever I'd be looking for make-up or saw something cute I'd always worry someone would think "she's buying make-up? thank god, she needs it". Or if it was a pretty top or dress or something I would think why waste something like that on me? I hate acne. It makes everyone feel ugly. Most of it was just in my head but I still felt pretty lame. My acne has since gotten way better and I don't feel so bad, but I know what your talking a