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  1. Hi everyone, For those of you who claim dairy causes you to breakout, how long after eating dairy do you see a breakout???? hours after dairy consumption? One day? 4 days?
  2. I have not. I guess it's worth a shot...Though, I don't want it to come to a head. Then I would have to go through the messy process of manual draining.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a slow healing cyst, and I was looking for a way to shrink it. (The derm is too busy to get in for a cortisone shot) It is about 1 month or older....Still just lingering. I've tried a crushed aspirin mixture with a only a tiny bit of success. I put some hydro cortisone on it. I put benzoyl peroxide on it. Any tips? My previous remedies didn't quite do the trick.
  4. I just had a revelation. I only get acne on clothed areas. I think the heat and the oil are the culprit. My thighs are always in clothes. Even when I sleep, they are in shorts and under covers. My worst breakouts are on inner thighs. My back gets some breakouts too. I plan to wash my clothes and sheets extremely often. Never will I re-wear clothes that haven't been washed. any thoughts?????
  5. Hi, I have tried every acne product, diet, wash, medicine (Even accutane), and found no relief. Is my acne caused by a hormonal imbalance? I am a man. I am going to see if an acupuncturist can help me.
  6. Hi, Is anyone aware of any new revolutionary acne treatments underway?...It seems like we've been stuck with the antibiotics, accutane,Benzoyl Peroxide, and salicylic acid forever... Have you heard of any drugs that are seeking FDA approval....The only "new" drugs I've seen are a scam..They are old antibiotics that are now "slow-release" tablets with fancy new names...
  7. Just venting mostly....So, I have another condition (non-skin related), that I cleared up with Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium Supplements. It made my condition virtually disappear. I want a similar supplement or pill that is a comprehensive full body solution. Not an after the fact treatment to lessen the existing acne. I guess my question is have you all had any success with a preventative measure such as a supplement ?
  8. Hi, I have acne all over my body. Treatments like BP on-the-spot cream are of no use. They hardly do anything, and it is to tedious to put on. That is also an AFTER acne treatment. The only way to ever get clear for me would have to be (A.) a pill or medicine (B.) a body wash to use everywhere. BP on-the-spot cream is the dumbest thing ever invented (at least for me). What good is treating a pimple, if 5 more are going to pop up?
  9. Hi, I have 4-10 pimples on my body at all times. They come up ANYWHERE (except usually not the face). Some are highly inflamed and painful. Some deeper pimples with a whitehead on top. I've been to so many derms and tried so many products. (Accutane, BP, Antibiotics, all the likely treatments) My life consists of watching a movie and itching my back, only to uncover a large pimple that will take days to heal. I often run to the doctor to get the large painful ones lanced. This patte
  10. Thanks for the reply! They are similar to boils. My work pants usually get hot and sweaty in that area which doesn't help. I use to exercise, but the painful pimples make the running/ walking uncomfortable. Sometimes I go to the doctor and get them lanced.
  11. Hi everyone, I get large pimples on my inner thighs, and even up the inner thigh nearer the buttocks. I've taken one round of accutane, and I am starting a second round. I've tried every antibiotic and acne-wash I can find. I have tinkered with my diet, and used many vitamins without much help. I got pimples there for so long that I require powder now so that they don't rub each other.