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  1. I know Accutane passes the blood-brain barrier and that Accutane causes side effects in the entire body. Our brain is a delicate organ which is protected by our skull and the blood-brain barrier, which is designed to keep dangerous stuff out. Well, too bad Accutane passes that barrier... There are no large enough randomised, placebo controlled studies to proove the obvious so the medical world doesn't care.
  2. I took Accutane when I was 15 years old. I am 14 years post Accutane now and I have experienced joint and bone issues. I wouldn't say that it stopped my growth but that is certainly a possibility. It is written in the PIL that Accutane can lead to premature end in growth. Accutane has many side effects related to the bones.
  3. Excellent, yes, Accutane permanently dried out and thinned my skin. My lips have never healed. I am 10 years post Accutane. Doctors have to tell teenagers this, that they might fuck up their skin for life! Please tell your doctors about this because they all say "oh no, none of my patients has ever experienced lasting side effects." Bullshit. @Hey2344 there is still hope for you. If you belong to the lucky ones, your side effects will go away the latest 3 months post treatment.
  4. I went to that site and typed in Aspirin which has over 10000 reported cases of death...
  5. Isotretinoin is fat soluble and passes the brain barrier. The brain mostly consists of fat. I wouldnt be surprised if isotretinoin stays in our fat cells for many years.
  6. Whats the rationale for taking finasteride to resensitize the receptors and not Isotretinoin?
  7. @ZebraGirl Im sorry to hear that your situation is so difficult! You can try a crowdfund to raise money for a consultation at a dermatologist, or even to help your mother pay off debt. https://www.gofundme.com/ If you like writing or producing other content then you can earn some Cryptocurrency on www.steemit.com I have also seen people on Steemit ask the community for support. I have seen two or three people who were able to pay for medical therapies and even a destroyed house. You ca
  8. @ZebraGirl don't waste your money on any product sold at any supermarket. Usually fathers have to provide for the family after a divorce. Do you have healthcare? Can you get the pill? (e.g. Diane) You can try eating a ketogenic diet: No dairy (milk, joghut, ice cream) No sugar, no bread, nothing with wheat, no cornflakes, little fruit, a lot of veggies, meat and fish. There are scientists who write about tribes that have no acne and they think it might be because of their diet. You can try
  9. @tryingtohelp2014 but there is still a possibility that a megadose of some vitamin might reverse the damage, without there being a deficiency, even on the cellular level.
  10. @tryingtohelp2014 Maybe there is a vitamin that can reverse the damage if we take it in high dosages. I don't think we need to be deficient in that Vitamin for it to help us. We might not have a Thiamine deficiency but it could still help us in megadoses if it indeed changes the receptors in our favour. I think most people who consume a balanced diet dont have any nutritional deficiencies after many years of accutane. So I don't see a point in getting tested for Vitamin deficiencies. EDIT: ok
  11. @RandomInternetdude People like you give me hope! How old are you? I have thought about studying Medicine or Biochemistry but Im already 28 Are you familiar with Bodo Melniks work? You find a lot of his stuff on Pubmed https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308699086_Apoptosis_May_Explain_the_Pharmacological_Mode_of_Action_and_Adverse_Effects_of_Isotretinoin_Including_Teratogenicity
  12. @tryingtohelp The wikipedia article on NADPH mentions isotretinoin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retinol_dehydrogenase This article on depression and Isotretinoin also mentions NADPH http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/roaccutane-caused-depression-isotretinoin.12117/ NADPH is also mentioned in relation to birth defects in a study with rats http://www.ejh.it/index.php/ejh/article/view/ejh.2012.e50/2491
  13. @Persephona If you decide to take accutane please find a dermatologist who does low-dose or ultra low-dose treatments. There are some studies that show low dose treatments being as effective, especially for mild to moderate acne. That way you reduce the likelihood of suffering severe and/or long term side effects. If I could go back in time I would go on a retreat in nature somewhere and live 100% naturally, without stress and chemicals. For example in an eco village. i will actually visit one
  14. You can try a keto diet. There is evidence that societies that eat no dairy, no sugar and no wheat at all don't have acne. Also I read about good results with phototherapy / lasertherapy (narrowband uvb light, excimer laser and others) you can search google and youtube for more info. I wish you all the best!
  15. No, and my lips have become worse actually. They peel everyday. Generally all mucous membranes are dried out.