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  1. There are many variables yes. If I can get a large number of users, than the variables can be distributed among users. I think I should leave this (which variables to keep track of) decision up to the user. Hey Alternativista, I do not understand your last statement. I understand pimple count can cause anxiety, so I think I will let the user decide what he wants to input, Already having subjective information if there was an improvement or worsening with respect to the previous day (instead o
  2. I think you'd miss on a lot of variables not using image recognition. - Position. I think most people would agree position has « some » meaning (hormonal is more around jawline and lips). [well I guess for this one you could ask for the count for each region] - Timing. I noticed using my program that I can more easily see when pimples « started » (which is an interesting piece of info imo) whereas if I was only asked a number, I wouldn't have counted it because at the time it was too small or
  3. Hey guys, I have started a separate thread about a tool (app) that helps the user find out which ones of the many factors lead to acne. If you, like me, are a believer in holism and acne check it out here, I would appreciate your feedback:
  4. Hi Anonyshamed, thank you very much for the precious feedback, I checked out SCANZ, I can clearly see their approach, which is interesting but also different to mine. Mine is a preventive one, just to get to know yourself. In my opinion everyone who believes in holism should back their experiences with statistics. I also would not go with any image recognition. I think for starters it is good enough to count pustules, papules, nodules, cysts. This we would be our "output variables", and sin
  5. I don't work at that company anymore, I am going rogue Regarding mices, unfortunately I was never in clinical research, so I don't know. I know mices have a similar genetic to ours and that drugs are tested for safety, I am not sure mices get infected first. Anyway thanks for your feedback.
  6. Dear friends, It's been 5 years I haven't logged in to this forum. I am now 25, I still have some acne, but I can say it is under control and not impacting my social life anymore. Like many others on this forum I achieved it by experimenting on myself. I have also tried several drug products, but I have found all my solutions in the holistic approach: mostly with food, sleep, sport, psyche. I believe in the holistic approach, I believe it is underrated in the medical community, It lacks
  7. People you should really listen to Melek. While i was reading this thread, a feeling of frustration built up inside of me. The same feeling Melek expressed in his last post. I have a BSc in chemistry and it amazes me how you all guys coonfront yourself with an incredibly interesting condition like acne without any scientific background. I advise you to read a basic textbook about animal metabolism. Especially since most of you are interested in holistic methods like nutrition. This is just an ad
  8. live


    Hi Sie, the article was actually talking about the regular cell functioning. Indeed DIM is an anti-tumoral agent but they say it is a possible inhibitor of ATP-synthesis (like Cyanide). They also add that an abuse of this substance could be fatal if this theory was true. Somehow they cite a research that has been published in may 2006, which i cannot find. I suppose this theory is not to be taken too seriously, but i'll be researching... greets
  9. live


    Hi guys, i Just found out this DIM theory; it looks very interesting and i'm curious about what results people on this forum will get.. i'll be following some logs. I was researching about this molecule and i must say there is not known much about its interactions with our body mechanism. Since i want to contribute to this topic i must tell you that one more thing i've read and i didn't find in threads here is that DIM is a potential ATP sinthesys inhibitor: This means the molecule could be more
  10. i now started to use a 5% PB cream to cure my bacne: i apply it at noon and than wear white shirts. in the evening after i practice sport i take a shower. this morning i noticed that my blue towel, wich i use to dry my body has become white-pink in some parts. Can it be that i still have some BP on my body after i take a shower ? picture attached Thanks
  11. i've a sister whose acne stopped at age 19 and i'm 19 now... and still have acne. We have a similar type of skin. Do you think there's a chance that acne is stopping for me soon either? is the healing instantaneous or does it get better sowly? i really can't remember how it was with my sister. Thank you a lot
  12. i've just read the first page and i am very worried about the effects this treatment can cause... puttin first Baking soda ( wich is very alkalyne ) and after ACV ( wich is very acid ) isn't good at all. Teoretically it should ruin your skin. It's like putting some ice on your face and then to balance pourring 1 liter of boiling water over your skin!... does this really work against acne?
  13. louis widmer has an ultra acne cream containing BP...