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  1. START SLOWLY...13 weeks in and seeing amazing results

    When my doc first prescribed tretinoin, I did my due diligence and researched on the Internet. I got terrified 'the purge' would happen to me, as I had a bad experience with clindamycin in high school and I broke out pretty badly. I put off using T for weeks. But my boyfriend said to me one day, "You'll never know if you don't try it out - why would else this treatment be so popular if it didn't work?" Here's some background: I am a 23 y/o Asian female with moderate acne since middle school, mo
  2. Does skin become tolerant to BP after extended use? I've been on Dan's regimen since last November and I've seen great results. It even got rid of my oily skin. However, last month I got a ginormous cyst. My skin got oily again, but I am not sure if that is a result of the summer heat. So I've been thinking that maybe BP isn't quite as effective anymore given my long term usage. Anyone experience something similar?
  3. What kind of BP are you using? I recently switched to Neutrogena's 2.5% BP and I found that it clumped wayy more than Dan's did. Dan's BP is perfect--doesn't clump and is just liquid-y enough.
  4. Thanks! This is super helpful I may try it. However, in your experience, how big are the chances of the cyst getting worse (e.g. popping it = more inflammation, huge gash on face) with the tea bag method?
  5. Haven't got the time for a cortisone shot unfortunately, I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow. Any other tips on how to make it go away? It sucks that it will take that long...
  6. Four days ago I got a pimple on my chin. I could feel it coming, it was a little swollen and hurt more than any other zit I've had, but I thought it would be a papule whatever and covered it with BP. Two day later I have a giant swollen mass the size of a nickel (no joke) on my chin. It's swollen, red, and hurts like hell. Icing has brought the swelling down, and now it's no longer quite as painful to the touch and it's actually a bit hard. BP hasn't made it die down at all but has dried it ou
  7. I was wondering if substituting other drugstore items that are similar to the ones Dan sells can be just as effective. I'm using the treatment BP and also the Acne.org cleanser. I ran out of the cleanser a while ago and I've been using Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap, which is a very neutral cleanser and is gentle on the face. I've also been using Neutragena's Oil Free Formula for combination skin as a moisturizer, which is relatively lightweight. They've been okay but I was wondering
  8. Yeah, I definitely think I will try leaving the next one alone. The thing is I use bp for everything, so I never know when a pimple is going to "retreat" under the skin. And yeah they are annoying the hell out of me because they JUST DON'T GO AWAY. And thanks for the info about the derm--I'll definitely consider that. What is the injection called? How much does it cost to get it?
  9. Hey guys, I've been having problems with these weird "under skin" pimples that come up every once in a while. My acne is very moderate, the biggest problem however is hyperpigmentation. Anyways I get these papules that I try to treat right away with bp. I'll spot treat it overnight as well, and it does a good job of taking away the inflammation. However I am then left with a huge red bump. There is no visible head, it's just a huge bump that seems to be "underground" because I feel like the bp
  10. sh3rpa

    Bio Oil

    I bought Bio-Oil because I'd seen the name in a few places and I thought I'd try it out. Truthfully, it doesn't do much besides moisturize. It's greasy so people with oily skin (like me..) should probably avoid it. It smells nice though and moisturizes alright but I saw nothing in improvement on my red marks, which was the main reason why I wanted Bio-Oil. None of my marks faded and I have quite a few, so it was pretty disappointing. But then again..I didn't use it for three months, more like a
  11. Hey, I get spots that are actually really similar. They start out as tiny bumps that seem like whiteheads but after a ciouple of days swell to ginormous size (about 5mm?). There is no head and there is nothing I can do about them. BP doesnt work because, like I said, there is no head. They are painful to the touch and are pretty red. Then, after a couple of days they fade to brown and stay there for a few months (which sucks). Anyway the only thing I am able to do about them is use ice...it bri
  12. I get hormonal acne a few times per month. However, I mostly seem to get papules and pustles, and most of the time when the papules form they stay "dormant" and never become inflamed. They are painful, big, red bumps that just don't seem to go away. A head never forms so I can't do anything to pop it. Cleansers don't seem to work, and neither does BP because the zit stays under the skin. Any suggestions? Does anybody else get these? They go away after a week or so but leave a bump and awful br
  13. I definitely think it has to do with the type of skin you have. I'm Asian and my skin color is pretty fair but I happen to tan pretty well. It sucks being pale in the winter because my acne leaves awful red marks, even the smallest whiteheads I get leave marks. Anyway, I went to Florida last month and I got a pretty decent tan there. I felt AWESOME--my red marks were COMPLETELY gone, save one or two rather nasty ones, and I know that sun damage is terrible for the skin and all, but a little ta
  14. I was in your exact situation a week ago! I find that it's best to go about your daily regimen--cleanse, apply bp, moisturize, etc (for me, that's applying bp and a 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water toner). To treat the cyst , I'd ice it every now and then to stop the swelling with an ice cube. At night, I apply a little extra bp to the cyst and put a thin layer of toothpaste on top, leaving it on overnight. Be sure that it dries before you go to bed so it doesn't get on your sheets and stuf