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  1. oo great. thanks for the feedback. i'm 155 lbs and will be on 20mg shortly. just waiting for a wedding so i don't have my initial breakout during the wedding
  2. WOW. You need to contact your prescriber immediately. For now, I recommend using Vaseline (the vaseline I know of is non-comodogenic (won't clock pores)). You can develop severe lip disorders. I remember reading someone's post on ragforum.com who developed a lip disorder and now his lips are permanently inflammed.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I weigh 165-170lbs. Since I started Accutane 3 months ago (1st month: 40mg, 2nd: 60mg, 3rd: 80mg, now: 80mg) I've noticed my night vision has decreased. Last night I was driving and thinking about how I can't see very well, within the next 5 minutes I accidentely crossed the intersection and drove onto the wrong side of the road. I've also noticed I can't see my monitor very well and have had problems focusing on small print. Today I woke up with very cru
  4. Hello there, I'm having the same luck as you, which isn't very good to tell you the truth. After 3 months of Accutane I'm still seeing plenty of zits surfacing. But i've noticed the zits are much smaller and are short-lived. I noticed my acne got loads better after changing soap/moisturizer to Cetaphil bar/moisturizer. Anyways, lets get through this together. Good luck champ.
  5. Yeah, the initial break out is loads of fun. Hell, I can sure relate. Kicking off my Accutane cycle about 3 months ago I was going steady with about 1-3 active pimples in one day. My back was a disaster and didn't even bother counting. Anyways, here I am 3 months later with my "initial breakout" still cruising steadily, I enjoy having 6-10 active pimples these days, really, I love it. My back is 95% clear so I'm definitely beyond ecstasy about that.
  6. I pop the shit out of all my pimples, luckily I don't scar. Probably not recommended.
  7. I took Vicodin while on Accutane. To my knowledge, nothing negative happend. The doctor said prescribed me Vicodin while I was on Accutane, so unless he's an idiot...I don't think you have much to worry about.
  8. First of all, thank you for viewing this thread. I've been on Accutane for 2 1/2 months, kicking the first month off with a 40mg dose and increasing to 40mg to the second, then 80 this month (the third month). So anyway, I've been using "Botchla's Regime" which is the Clean & Clear Blackhead Remover and the Clean & Clear continous control cleansers in the morning at night. The blackhead remover contains salcyclic acid and the contious control has benzoyl peroxide. I'm wondering if I'm do
  9. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I started out taking Accutane the same time as you and said "we should get this together!" I'm glad you're seeing good results, I guess I'm no so lucky :sad: The acne on my face has probably got 5 times worse. It's so horrible looking in the mirror every 30 minutes to find a new zit. I've been on: 1 month of 40mg 1 month of 60mg 1 week of 80mg I really hope I see improvements fast. It's so depressing not going out with friends because I'm so self-concious ab
  10. Have you guys noticed your hair is more dry? My scalp is actually beginning to shed, I don't really know what to do. If it gets any worse i'm going to be really embarassed (I'm on day 25). Boom - How long is your course? I think i'm taking 40mg/day for 3 months.
  11. I think dieting has almost nothing to do with acne. After being on a strict diet for 8 months I noticed absolutely NO IMPROVEMENT. I've noticed while consuming foods I tend to get them on my face and smear them with my hands which could definantly aggravate the acne. I also noticed while consuming hot and steaming foods, the steam attaches to my face. Once again, this could aggravate the acne. Perhaps direct contact of things like hydrogenated oil (present in things like chinese foods, frenc
  12. hey boom, I'm on day 23. Like you said, I also noticed my skin has got a lot smoother and is starting to tone evenly. It's great having smooth skin. I got my first nose bleed yesterday which wasn't too bad. My acne is kind of rocky too, one day i'll look amazing, but the next hell brakes loose. Anyways, it's almost been a MONTH already. Time flies! Soon enough we'll be clear! good luck!
  13. Burns - I was on pretty much the same diet for 8 months. Don't waste your time, I didn't see any results either. Stressing over what you eat could cause even more acne.