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  1. i used to go tanning all of the time.. i broke out bad after i stopped going.. i havent been in like almost 2 years.. i finished accutane in like end of january.. im going away next weekend and i want to have some color.. im kind of afraid to get burnt but im mostly afraid of breaking out again.. i dont have any pimples and havent had anything since i ended the course.. would it be a really bad idea to go ? also has enough time passed to get waxed?
  2. its been foreverr... i have about 1 1/2 months left... noooo actives at all on my face.. havent had for a while.. i havent worn makeup in months.. texture of skin is so smooth.. i still get headaches from it .. and i also seem to be a lot more sensitive about stupid things on it.. im sick of getting cuts and eczema on my hands.. my blood work has always been fine.. i do drink while on it .. it hasnt effected me at all.. i would definitely take it again if i had to.. but pray to g-d this co
  3. Nooooo actives ! well at least on my face. Hope everyone is wellll
  4. My face looks pretty good.. no actives right now im pretty sure.. just the ones from last week that are healing.. the texture of my skin is pretty good.. still not 100% but a lot better.. i have my appt tomorrow.. hopefully my tests are fine.. i drank a lot sat night and went for my test monday.. iduno if it will affect it .. i still have the red marks they are fadign to the purplish color.. almost done with my 2nd month.. waitign for my back to clear up more.. and a few spots near my shoulders.
  5. heyy glad you are doing well.. definitely dont go tanning after... i used to go all the time before i broke out and when i stopped is when i broke out .. miss being tan but clear skin is more important.
  6. Ok so i am definitely happy with what im seeing this far.. about another 9 days and it will be 2 months.. i usually have 5-6 huge cysts and a few little pimples like a week before i get my period.. this month i only got 3 cysts .. i have a few red marks from pimples that are healing but i can deal with it .. i have been getting oilier than i was last month but it may just be shine from makeup..
  7. i think i only have 3 actives right now i think .. 2 cysts on my chin and 1 on my cheek which is def from hormones.. hopefully they will be the only 2.. my back has been getting cysts which is annoying .. wish it would just clear up.. chest barely has anything .. a few tiny little things ..hopefully will go away soon .. nothing else really has been wrong.. i havent really had fatigue .. skin isnt that dry and everything has been good.. lips get dry but not bad.. love my aquaphor.. even my frie
  8. still not sure what day it is haha .. i think week 6 though? everything is calming down a little .. i have 2 cysts on my chin, one has a tiny head.. not going to pick it .. i have a reg pimple onmy upper cheek .. shoudl be going away soon.. i also have like 2 healing on my upper lip and one on my forehead.. ive been sweating sooo much its disgusting.. ive boughten 3 dif deoderants in the past month.. now trying certain dri.. hopefully it works.. and i think im going to get arm&hammer for
  9. ya definitely not ready to go with out makeup.. looked good last week.. this week is not bad just a few small ones... hopefully will keep gettingbetter.. im starting to get eczema on my hangs... it was worse a few days ago.. seems to be a little better.. i have also realized that i have been sweating a lot more.. gross i hate it.. thats basically the only side effect that is bugging me now
  10. well i havent been keeping track of what day im on or whatever but i do definitely see improvement.. i lvoe that i dont have any side effects besides dry eyes.. i wish my back would clear up a little bit more than it has.. nothing is really new.. i basically feel like im not taking anything which is amazing.. i havent had any problems with drinking and taking it.. im glad that i went on it and just hope that it will keep me clear forever.... hope everyone is doing well, staying positive and c
  11. your face looks a lot better i can definitely see improvement!
  12. week 5 skin looks good.. i think i may be able to not wear makeup soon.. my blackheads are all basically gone.. not oily much.. the only problem is my chin.. maybe one cyst.. a few scars that are fading .. hopefully they wont fill up again.. school starts tuesday.. feeling kind of confident about my skin.. today i was really tired.. prob because i was out really late and didnt take my 2nd pill til like 4am.. the tiredness has been a lot better.. i have noticed that i have been sweating a lot
  13. one of my close friends is on accutane also and she has very bad anxiety.. i havent had any of the really bad side effects but she is the type to think she will get all of the side effects.. she takes something for anti anxiety occassionally i was wodnering if anyone else takes anything for anxiety bc im not sure if its a good combo with accutane
  14. hey hope your doing well.. i havent had any bad side effects in over a week.. my face hasnt been really dry either.. suckss that we shouldnt be drinking but i do anyway and my tests came back fine.. ive only been drinking wine though.. and not to the point of getting shit faced.. and for lotion this is what i use and lovee it.. absorbs very quickly and doesnt feel sticky gold bonds lotion
  15. Not exactly sure what day it is .. my derm screwed me over and didnt confirm my appointment because they are too slow with everything at the office.. i started taking only one 20mg a day on fri because i had a feeling that they wouldnt confirm in time.. so i only too one fri sat and sun.. today i can go pick up my rx.. and hopefully i wont have any bad reaction when i start the full dose again.. i have a new cyst on my chin.. one on my upper cheek near my eye.. and one on my other cheek next
  16. day 29 & 30 things are still the same. it looks like blackheads fell out on my nose and i have only 2 pimples now.. and the one on the side of my nose that would never go away came to a head and i popped it and its flat now but has a scab.. everything else looks good.. i havent been dry.. hopefully my back will clear up asap because i may go away in a month or two and would liek to actually be able to wear a bathing suit.. everything else seems good.. no more side effects but dry eyes and
  17. Day 27 & 28 everything looks better... havent really been playing such close attention to my skin and obsessing over it like i was.. whatever happens happens.. i think i have a lot less blackheads on my chest which is good.. havent been too flaky.. hope everyone is doing well
  18. day 26 really not in love with my skin.. wish everything would just go away.. and i would not have to wear makeup and everything else.. i dont think anyhting is different.. it seems liek they havent gotten better.. they look weird hopefully month 2 will bring clear clear skin
  19. day 25 so i woke up with a huge cyst on my chin.. sucks bc i had plans today but w.e it was fine.. just got home and looked in the mirror i noticed another cyst in my eyebrow and a blackhead that is raised next to my nose.. and the new cyst came to a head so i popped it... hopefully tom everything is better bc ill be out all day and i have to wear makeup .. it still flakes up around the healing ones.. hopefully nothing new in the am lauren--- hope you start seeing progress soon.. i was so stok
  20. day 24 my skin keeps looking better and better.. it looks so much smoother and the texture is good too.. forehead is clear.. have the 2 that are healing.. chin has no new actives everything is healing.. the one on the side of my nose is healing too.. all that has to leave now are the blackheads.. i havent been that dry.. just a little scabs of skin healing over the few that were healing.. my derm apt is sat.. i dont think i will be upped nor do i want to.. if all of my blackheads go away on m
  21. day 23 skin looks pretty good today.. they few cyst are still healing but looks sooo much better than it did during the week.. i think it will continue to improve from here.. my back still gets a few pimples.. overall it looks better besides the pimples there.. also my chest still has some black heads..
  22. just wondering if it matters how many hours to wait.. ive been usually waiting from 5+ hours.. but i dont take it the same exact time everyday like clockwork.. does it really make a difference?
  23. day 22 everything is basically still the same not oily at all.. my makeup goes on weird.. flakes up around the cysts that are healing so it looks gross .. pretty much nothing is diff than the past few days
  24. im on day 22 of 40 mg of claravis.. i have a few cysts on my chin right now.. one on the side of my nose.. one next to my eyebrow and one healing above my eyebrow.. they are all healing up now.. all except one or two are pretty much almost flat.. also blackheadss all over my nose and between my eyebrows.. besides that my skin already looks a lot better..
  25. day 21 3 weeks ! tiny new pimple on the side of my forehead... the rest of the cysts have gotten a lot smaller.. still a little bump but they are drying out finally.. blackheads really bug me but they will hopefully be gone soon.. the rest of my face is fine.. i havent been oily.. chin is the driest part.. overall feeling a little better about the cysts.. should be only small spots by the end of the weekend