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  1. Mmsally103

    Red indented skin

    Just wanted to update that this completely went away but only with time haha.
  2. Mmsally103

    Rolling scar?

    I tried poking at a pimple that was not ready during February and injured my skin.(Why am I like this...ugh) I thought I saw a whitehead coming but it never did form and I was left with a really red mark. (The first picture is from February.) The redness has faded but now the area is indented. Im guessing its a rolling scar? I wanted to ask what might help with my scar. Remedies or lotions that might help it fill in or fade Thank you.
  3. I have mild acne with mostly blackheads and Whiteheads. Old blackheads have left these scars on cheek and another I have from a scratch. Are these ice pick marks? They’re not very deep but still noticeable. Does anyone know of treatments that could help. I only want to fix these scars on my cheek and wouldn’t want to mess with the rest of my face thank you. Up close you can see em real good lol so I would like to smooth out my face, thanks!
  4. On my cheek I noticed there was the slightest bump so I tried messing with it even tho nothing came out ever. The bump couldn’t be seen unless you like went really close to the mirror and moved the skin. But I thought maybe it was a pimple forming with no head yet and it would come out so I messed with it more but I noticed time passed and nothing came out so I let it be but now I just have this red thing on my cheek that won’t go away. The pimple never formed a head and it doesn’t hurt it just
  5. I had a piece of skin poking out my cheek. I didn't know what it was at first since it was white so I tried pulling it off (I know bad move :(( ) and ended up pulling off my own skin. It was red and bloody underneath, so an open wound. I let it scar, but about 4 days later when the new skin was healing my wound peeled. (It came off on its own since it was so rough) It was all red underneath. I thought naturally it would fade away but it's still red and I notice it's a bit indented. What should I