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  1. I had this after stupidly popping a massive pimple on my cheek, a massive mark that was purple/black in colour and felt under the skin. But luckily for me after about a week, the discoloured skin just peeled away and revealed my normal coloured skin. I used a ton of moisturiser and didn't touch it again until it finally peeled away.
  2. Worked for quite a while

    I am a 17yo with mild facial acne. Ok, so this stuff for me was incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin. I never had any burning sensations or anything. I started this when I was 15 and at first I didn't really see any changes in my skin. However, I felt like washing my face everyday was drying it out so I just washed it once every day. It took about a month for me to have the most amazing and smooth, clear skin. I was getting compliments all the time about how great my skin looked and it made me
  3. AMAZING besides a few side effects

    I am a teenage girl who has suffered from acne for 5 years (12-17) - I felt like I had tried nearly everything and started to get desperate about clearing my worsening facial, chest and back acne. Finally I tried this stuff and I made the mistake of applying every night for the first week and the more sensitive skin (neck and face) went bright red and felt like it was on fire. As well as this, my skin was so incredibly itchy that I had to excuse myself from class just to get an ice pack to cool
  4. pimps4days

    Didn't work for me

    Didn't work for me

    I have been struggling with acne on my face, back and chest for around 5 years (12 to 17) and this product was the first thing my doctor prescribed. This gave me an IB that lasted for about 3 weeks and then my skin returned to what it had been before I started. Nevertheless, I continued use until I found that my skin had become super sensitive to pretty much everything. I started getting pimples everywhere - in places I had never had them before. I finally stopped clindamycin after 3 months when
  5. No visible difference

    I took 50mg dosages of minocycline twice a day (morning and night) for 5 months and I never saw any significant improvement. Even after I went off the antibiotic there was no real difference to my skin. However, on the plus side, I never experienced any negative side effects like the ones posted about.