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  1. I guess its really more like a rash if anything. And I googled burt bees and rash and found reviews on drugstore.com that people said it gave them a rash. Anything I can do to get rid of it quick?
  2. You're asking about a bodybuilding diet on a acne site? Everyone here is going to say "Oh eat low fat" or "No GI carbs" or "fat is bad" or "Protein powder breaks you out" and "Diary is the devil" Give it a shot. S2B is written by Dr.. that's right DOCTOR John Berardi. If you have to question a program, then you aren't cut out for it. Stay small.
  3. I'm back with a question, really needing some help here. I get really dark circles under my eyes, almost no matter how much sleep I get. I have been using Nivea for Men's under eye cream and also tried Burt Bee's as well for the past 2 weeks. I now have what looks like a rash under both of my eyes and it looks pretty bad. Has anyone experienced anything like this? What is it? What can I put on it to clear it up? Also, what is a good product to use to get rid of the nasty eye circles?
  4. i told myself i wasnt really going to get on here anymore, but its early and im bored and decided to anyways.. just stoppin by to say hiii

  5. So why do girls talk to guys then?
  6. If you ever want to put on size you are going to have to forget about this 'acne free diet' bs. Get on Accutane and bulk away my friend.
  7. I've been on 80mg Accutane since February. I put off taking Accutane forever because I did not want to deal with the side effects. When I decided to finally take Accutane it was because I realized that I could have dealt with 6 months of potential hell and never have to deal with acne again, or continue dealing with acne. It was never too bad, but persistent. Mostly blackheads, clogged pores, a few zits, and sometimes jawline cysts. It would come and go. I was usually somewhat clear throug
  8. Testosterone doesn't cause acne. Androgens such as DHT do.
  9. That's a very clean diet as it is, minus the fact that I don't see any fruit or veggies. I would keep it and look for a non diet way to treat acne.
  10. It has nothing to do with her decision to have not have sex. She said she was in high school and not a slut so she didn't have sex. Neither one of those are LEGIT reasons to not have sex. Just because a girl has sex doesn't make her a slut. Also, there is no age that defines when you should have sex.. except the age of consent.
  11. take your Rx like you are supposed to and wait until its over
  12. Is that a joke .. or do you really think she looks bad? Seriously..