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  1. I'm young and dont have any acne scarring just uneven tone. I heard of nothing but good things about this stuff on makeupalley and drugstore.com, but they say its good for mature/drier skins. I have oily skin and my acne has gotten much better, I know its kinda greasy but does it cause breakouts? I plan on using it at night, any thoughts?
  2. Just wondering if anyone has tried this soap, and their experinces? I found it on drugstore.com and the reviews were very positive as a treatment against acne. My acne isnt that bad at all anymore and I want a gentle soap. PS: Another soap that got good reviews is the Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash w/ Tea-Tree oil. Any thoughts?
  3. Steroids thin the skin if used longterm. Being a pharmacist in training, you should know that. Inflammation can be reduced using other means; ie ice, like the acne cure method.
  4. Moisturization may not have helped to be honest. Moist just creates a superfical layer on the outer most skin, it never penetrates deep. Scarring however occurs on all levels
  5. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is bad, its both irratating and comengenic. However, its down on the list meaning there really isnt a high %, but its really bad stuff. Go here zerozits.com somewhere in the site is a list of ingredents and thier ratuings
  6. I dont know who said its a miracle product. Good yes, but miracle I think this thread would be more than 8 pages...Its just really good to use after peels, needling, etc. I have been using it for only week and there isnt much to say. Email [email protected] He has the cheapest supply 32.00 a bottle.
  7. FYI, GA chemically is a small molecule, smaller than SA and can actually penetrate deeper than SA...
  8. SA= protective layer???WTF. Its more like it exfoliates dead skin cells, is oil soluable (penetrates deeper into the skin), and helps reduce free radicals (one study). SA has no anti bacterial properties and may do more harm than good on a SMALL amount of peeps...
  9. Mineral Oils has a zero comendgenic ratiing, which is mentioned in the post a few times. As for SA, I breakout too no matter what/ how long. I'm darker skinned and I cant remember where I read it, but it can cause too much exfol hence blocking pores. I even tried it once a day for over three weeks, but I still had the same reaction. I have tried SA four times all with same reaction, and it sucks..
  10. You could always try it once a day at night, and give it six weeks. Thats what I've done for the last 8 weeks (last 2 weeks I have used an SA wash in the am only) and the results are awesome...
  11. Not all oils cause breakouts or are comedogenic
  12. Emu has better transdermal properties than jojoba, but both are still good. Also emu is thicker and used for drier skins, while jo is better suited for oily skins...
  13. Lactic Acid 40% is the way to start. I tried Glycolic Acid 30% and that left my face red/uncomfortable for 24hrs, and I lonly eft it on for 2 min. I tried it twice after that and still didnt like the feel/look. I now GA is stronger and can maybe do "more" than LA, but GA was just too harsh. Since then I was always a little uneasy trying a peel, but sometime ago LA was the talk of the town on this board so I gave it a try. It wasnt harsh at all and no reddness afterwards. I did a total of
  14. Its not the Vit C in the lemon, its supposed to be a detoxifier...
  15. this has been posted before, you should do a search (results wise). The general comment on this is no. I tried it for six weeks and it did nothing.