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  1. it makes me so sad to see a good looking kid with scars
  2. my derm put me on a regimen to avoid the irritation. moisturize before tretinoin. then apply for five minutes and wash off. increase by 5 minutes every night until you get to one hour. once u can tolerate it for an hour try leaving it on overnight. key is moisturizing before. unless u follow that regimen u will get irritation.
  3. thats normal let it grow another week and it stops. i shave once a week i got used to it
  4. thats normal let it grow another week and it stops.
  5. what happened to the poster who was getting fraxel for stretch marks. I found posts from them awhile back but nothing reporting results.
  6. thats what gave me permanent eczema. i campaigned for the highest dose possible and always took it with some fat or oil. now i wish i had done a microdose just long enough to see the acne clear.
  7. Eczema! I used to think sebum had no function in human skin. Post Accutane I see how wrong I was. I am getting eczema everywhere except my face (where I'm still oily and getting occasional acne). How long will the drug stay in my liver? I've read some people have gotten permanent eczema from tane . . .
  8. anyone try fraxel on stretch marks?
  9. theyre a pay site even though they say iots free. charged me $30 for nada damn im all lubed up too
  10. it hides a lot though. wish i looke as good in real life. any good sites i can use it on? of the adult variety?
  11. how come people are getting one or two treatments, then posting a few days later and questioning lack of improvement? i thought the whole point of fraxel is that instead of one major ablation procedure, the ablation is split up over six sessions . . . am i missing something?
  12. let me know if u discover anything for eczema. i have it really bad from tane. sux.