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  1. Ahh I’m sorry you had that reaction!! My face is a constant battle because I have combination skin and still have hormonal acne...My dermatologist told me I’m “plugged up” and my pores will “never dry out” because of my oil production (but I’m not giving up on that because I never thought my chest would clear up, and it did) ...not sure what your budget is like, but when I use this in the morning I notice a pretty good reduction in oil throughout the day, and I think it helped keep some bumps on
  2. This soap helped my acne clear on my chest/neck/back - I had acne all over my chest for at least 8-10 years, down my back too (I’m only 25)... I still get bumps, but this has helped significantly! I use it twice a day with a body poof in the shower, I let it sit on my back and chest for a few minutes and then rinse off. I used it in combination with a lotion from the dermatologist called sulfacetamide (it was basically sulfur without the smell), but even if you don’t go to the doctor, I would st
  3. I used a combo of sulfacetamide and Oleavine Tea Tree body soap (amazon) and this has cleared up I would say 90%...I’ll get a few bumps here and there but they’re barely noticeable. I told my derm that sulfur soap had helped a bit but I couldn’t handle the smell, so she ordered generic Klaron - it’s sulfur without the smell. I really never thought it would clear up, I’ve probably spent $1000+ on products in the past 10 years trying to clear it up. It took about 3 months of using the soap 2x pe
  4. I've had this almost 10 years, started with a few bumps on my shoulders that was misdiagnosed as scabies. Dermatologists keep prescribing antibiotics (topical) because I don't want to take oral. They tell me it's folliculitis but never check to see if it's bacterial or fungal. I've changed my diet, probably bought out a whole CVS in the past decade, used sulfur, used Nizoral, hibiclens, BP, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sea salt scrubs....nothing brings relief ...changed what I use to wash my s
  5. Unfortunately my skin has a bad reaction to BP otherwise I would definitely be using products with it in...I used it as a teen going through puberty, but once I hit like 18 I had a terrible reaction to it - so I haven't used it since! And thank you!!
  6. This is the worst my skin has ever been! Thank you though. My neck acne comes from my hair, I think, all the products and conditioners I use - my hair is long and it touches my neck all the time. I sleep with a thin layer of diaper rash cream on it (zinc oxide) and that keeps it down, but it never totally clears.
  7. Is this purging or what? I'm on my 6th week of 1 application of adapalene gel in the evening (.1%) and a clindamyacin phosphate lotion 2x per day. My skin used to be alabaster - my dermatologist said this regimine would bring it back....is this "normal" For this far along in the process? I don't want to be making my skin worse, of course... Took these pics after I washed my face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. I'm talking about all these little red pin prick type marks and my pores st