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  1. Ive just finished my course a couple of weeks ago and i have to say its worked wonders! but when i was taking my course i never took my pill with food, always just before i went tio bed - never seemed to have a huge effect on myself. though i was bad and drank alcohol mayby a bit too much on it too! so in other words, you can get away with it like me, though everyone is different! one or two times like you said missing it wont make a difference since its an accumulative dose your on.
  2. Hey, contrats! Im on my last box of accutane then thats me finished. Im in the same boat as you, since mayby even before my second month ive been clear and seen mayby 2 spots on my face since! its great, though im sceptical of how il get on once i finish my dosage.
  3. When i first started going on roaccutane and i didnt have an initial breakout as such, my spots were the same for the first couple of weeks, however whenever i did pick anything i would have a large red mark for a while, though i did notice that on my nose the blackheads went crazy - ive never seen so many before, though im aware that was just the accutane pushing out all the crap and a few weeks later...after much queazing my nose was left nice and clear and has been since Im on my last box o
  4. At first my skalp became really itchy, and after washing it really sore to even touch/ rub dry. i think its a normal side effect, however i started using a shampoo called polytar and trust me it worked wonders! fantastic stuff! my scalp is back to normal now and had been since a week or two/three after starting to use it. If i can get it i would definately give it a try...im from the uk so i dont know if you can get it where you are. good luck!
  5. My derm never mentioned anything about not drinking alcohol, but thats me onto my last box, about another week or so of pills left and ive been drinking the same amount as i was before, every wednesday, most days after university and at the weekends, however i didn't effect me any differently. sometimes i would get really drunk...but no hangover - a first for me! while...2 bottles and the next morning i would have a banging headache and that wasnt getting drunk of course. everyone is different h
  6. Similar story with me. I had to wait 26 weeks after my GP refered me to a dermatologist, however i wasnt too bothered about it! in tht mean while i was given some more medication. I was refered to the nearest hospital to have my meeting. Got the bloodtests done there and then, walked out about an hour later with my first 8 weeks of Accutane! easy as, and i never had to pay a penny. So far my face is the clearest its ever been, though i do have dry facial skin and annoying lips, but hey im used t
  7. Next time im in town im gonna have a look for it...dunno if its sold in the UK though. lets hope so!
  8. I'm currently using vaseline and carmex on that part of skin, and it helps...sometimes! though im now beginning to think it might actually be a cold sore. about 5 days ago i had a small what you might call blister on my bottom lip. After a few days it left, though now this has occured barely two days later. it might be the same thing, i dont know. I heavily moisturised it with vaseline last night, however this morning when i woke up it had scabbed over...looking pretty disgusting. the only thing
  9. hey everyone, ive been on accutane a month and a bit now, and experienced the joints aches, dry head, dry face and dry lips, however only since tonight the small area just underneath my lips - before my chin - has become realllly dry and sore. i applied extra carmex to my lips and more moisturiser to that small area though within 10 minutes it's back to the sore, tight dry feeling i had before. Was wondering whether anyones had any suggestions on how to help this problem. as i say it's not my l
  10. thats good! worked well for you then?

    It's aways really encouraging to hear succesful stories! keeps you going even when the side effetcs get bad and acne doesn't appear to get better! I have pretty hairy arms and legs so its not as noticable to other people though is to me!

    I have noticed though that playing guitar is gettin more painful due to my now vaunrable

  11. Im into my 4th and final month now. Face is calming down and my bacne is no longer active. I don't have dry skin anymore, just my lips really. I had a period of REALLY dry legs - all white and scaly lol. I am a rock/metallica fan. Would kill to see them live!

  12. Hey! Yep i am :)

    Glad to speak to another Scot! hehe

    Im good thanks, yourself?

    My treatment is working well at the moment - face is clearing, though now my arms are actually getting really dry aswel!

    Hows it been for yourself?

    sorry - i couldnt help notice your other comment but are you another scottish metallica fan/ rock fan? if you so have great taste! h

  13. Hey! A fellow Scot on RoAccutane, Hows it goin?

  14. I'm from Scotland and have the very same problem. For my lips i use carmex during the day (small white tub with a yellow lid, from boots/superdrug) works brilliantly and last a while, and at night i use vaseline since i think it might be better but gives you shiny lips that i aint willing to have during the day. For my moisturiser im currently using oilatum intensive dry skin repair cream from boots. my mum works there and so bought me two tubes - works well for me. Hope this helps! and good lu