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  1. you're a faggot, that's what you are.. :P

  2. post maur maul

  3. newp im teh reel deal

  4. -Ru-

    sup kyle

  5. snape does have nice hair

  6. Hey Mandy it's been awhile. I'm hoping for the best for you, I know this sucks teh kawk It's BS when your skin just explodes out of nowhere... You're still so fucking hot though In fact I've got a hard on as I type this. I hope that doesnt offend you. I will check back gain soon. -Kyle
  7. hey Mandy :wavey: I'm glad your skin is doing better, those marks will fade as well :)

    I hope you're keeping positive

    From beyond the grave...

    -(kyle/ralazir shhh)

    please stop by LH sometime soon :)

  8. Maul

    hey bitch

  9. Last couple of weeks I've been getting back to being bumfuk depressed, due to brekouts again. I thought this year would be so different after taking accutane, but I'm still the same person in the same situation. Most of the time I just feel like becoming a hermit since I never really feel lke seeing most of my friends anyway.
  10. A couple of months after my treatment I broke out in moderate acne even. I was never trully relieve of it, Tane helped a lot though. It could be the buildup of oil and dead cells, after all, Accutane was working to get rid of both. And now they've both had a chance to build up.