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  1. I noticed I only get pimples on my cheeks when I eat a lot of peanuts or chocolate. Gluten or dairy doesn’t do it to me really.
  2. I kept at it. Kept eating bad foods Christmas came around at absolutely insane amounts of chocolates and peanuts with ice cream, pies, cakes and candy’s. My face got some small whiteheads and just other day got small cystic red pimple on cheek. Now Christmas is over. No more excuses starting January 1st I’m gonna Limit wheat, dairy and sugar big time and lower calorie intake.
  3. Why would you think that? This isn’t a troll thread. Just because you or some other people eat one piece of candy and get littered with pimples doesn’t mean it has to happen to me or other people. Everyone is different I’m experimenting with myself for future knowledge
  4. Yup I’ll admit it it’s been building and this 5k calorie diet a day finally got to me. Got bunch of pimples on forehead and temple. Also wayyyyyy more oily then I was a month ago also feel tingly in the face and gross. i ate 10 chocolate bars and another whole baguette last night before bed and then a pack of bacon 6 eggs, and whole 800 g box of frozen chicken strips right in the morning to follow it up
  5. Still didn’t change my diet yet ate lots of food including whole box of Oreos and 2 boxes or ritz. Like who does that lol. That’s just my snacks for the day too. But I noticed got a red pimple on my forehead, and I always noticed that when I eat too much junk I get a cystic pimple in between eyes forehead area. Diet is probably cause. I got one in this area again and it’s not that big but could probably get bigger
  6. I used to get it on my back and shoulders and chest too. Nothing new for a while though. I think these whiteheads I have been getting on my face that go away after one day are caused by the way I was eating
  7. So I woke up today no whiteheads or pimples under my mouth they disappeared. my face looks the exact same as when I started almost 3 weeks ago. I like your idea but that’s a bit too much for me however for the next three weeks I will limit sugar’s, Dairy, wheat As much as I can. I won’t be able to limit oils or meat though as I enjoy it to much. Well see how it goes. It started with a big time accidental binge. Then I decided to experiment from there. Unfornately the truth is this is the way
  8. It’s been 2 and a half weeks now and I’m still at it. Junk everyday. Lots of ice cream yesterday. Ate an entire baguette last night right before bed followed by a box of ritz crackers and a box of lindor chocolates. Face is same other then 2 whiteheads under my mouth right now. I’m gonna stop starting tomorrow because i feel unhealthy and gross as hell.
  9. Throwback pictures 8 months ago. So you people know stuff can change quick
  10. Wow just wow. I ate so much food today that if i typed it out here it would look like an essay. Insane amounts of sugar, dairy and wheat . Over 6 thousand calories of junk. If this doesn’t break me out badly then I don’t know what will.
  11. Day 9. Face looks exactly the same as when I stated other then 2 tiny red almost flat pimple like things on my cheek And when I actjally think about it my face looks better today then the first day overall
  12. Day 7 2 small whiteheads appeared beside under mouth. I should also mention that I didn’t sleep at all Friday or Sunday. Fractured my big toe and pain kept me up all night. This is another factor
  13. I’m not taking any antibiotics or any medication Day 6: whitehead disappeared. Face is same as when started. Ate lots of candy and chocolate yesterday
  14. Day 5: new whitehead appeared beside mouth. Other then that everything is the same