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  1. I FINALLY got around to taking pictures. Today: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v22/emotion/03312009.jpg Day 2 of CellCeuticals regimine, Day 14 of Tazorac (on my cheeks), and approx. 7 months after Accutane. Past, so you can be the judge if accutane worked. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v22/emotion/Untitled-1.jpg
  2. Accutane did not really work for me. About the last month on accutane (August, September), I started getting these bumps and my cheeks, and it was really really red. Sometimes even a few small whiteheads would appear (these go away rather fast though. That is one good thing that accutane helped my skin with - is when you do have a pimple, it heals faster.). I use to break out around my mouth area. I don't think I've ever had a pimple on my cheeks in my life! I don't break out around my mouth
  3. I ordered it on Wednesday so I'm waiting for it to arrive. I'll be updating my accutane blog later today and will start keeping up with this new regimine on that or something similiar. I hope CellCeuticals works because it was really expensive! ($129! - I didn't join their "club.")
  4. I took my last pill of Sotret on Friday Septemeber 5th. I was on accutane for MONTHS - I started January 5th. I use Cetaphil again (for normal to oily skin) and I love that better than any other cleanser I've tried during my course. In fact I just started using it again a few days ago again (I had swtiched to Aveeno's Ultra Calming cleanser) and I am already noticing the difference w/Cetaphil! It's so gentle and since my skin is so sensitive, it really works well. My doctor put my on Clin
  5. Day 172 I haven't written in forever only because I have been so busy! Straight to business: I haven't broke out since the last time I posted - which was 4 weeks ago today. I've definitely been good, but I'm still so paranoid about getting one. I've always had redness to my face, and luckily it hasn't gotten worse. Scars are still there, I can't tell if they've faded. I atleast can count on no new scars. I finally have a camera so I'm going to take pictures SOON! Today or tomorrow most li
  6. 143 I had a family tragedy happen last Wednesday. My father passed away. Long story short, it wasn't expected, but he was sick. I don't want to get too much into it, but even accutane can't fight off the acne caused by the stress of this whole situation. I don't know when the last time I had a pimple - I'm thinking two months ago? I found out early Wednesday morning (about 2:00 am) and didn't go back to sleep. By 6:00 am I had a new pimple form (where I normally never broke out, left bottom ch
  7. 133 No new breakouts, no new side effects. My face is still a little dry, but now that's it's getting more humid out, it's not so bad. I was using vaseline on my lips for a while but that caught up with me and didn't work out. My lips were definitely cracking. So I went to Target and bought some of that awesome Aveeno lip moistoriser and some regular Carmex (I've never tried that stuff before). 502100 - I'm definitely keep my eyes out for the polysporin daily lip protectant you've recommended.
  8. What does the doctor say about his progress? I would stick with it until the end of the recomended course. And don't give in to the accutane horror stories.
  9. I never got an inital breakout. My acne didn't start to clear up until month 3...that's when I was down to maybe one small pimple every 2-3 weeks tops. My acne has always gotten progessively better since day one.
  10. Day 123 I've been back on 40mg and I'm really liking it. I really started feeling tired and down right up until I got off of 80mg. I think it started catching up with me. My doctor and I talked about keeping me on it for 6 months. That was when I was on 80mg. I would like to just stay on 40mg through month 6 and possibly continue with a month 7. Right now I have medicine to last me through month 6, so my doctor would just have to write me one more RX. I feel good and positive. I haven't had a
  11. Day 115 On Friday the doctor's called me and told me I was able to pick up my month 5 RX. So I did and I have that and I'm ready to go. Today I get a call saying the doctor looked at my bloodwork and my white blood cell count is low, specifically my neutrophils. So they want me to come back in a week to take more blood and see if anything has changed. She said they could see me at 8:00am for a "quick" blood test. Last time I had an appointment at 8:00 - they didn't see me until 8:35. I told h
  12. Day 113 Everything worked out for my month 5 RX and I'll be picking that up from the pharmacy tomorrow. I'm still working on month 4. I'm a little ahead when I go to the doctor to visit - I don't have to go any days without any pills. Lips are so very dry. Other than that, the normal flaking of the skin on my face happens. Oh and I have to be gross again (if you've kept up with my blog you'll remember me writing about this a while ago) but my asshole is really dry again and it hurts bad whe
  13. Yes this happened to me when I first started taking accutane. My nose was always stuffy, especially in the morning. It wasn't like the stuffy nose from a cold, everything was easily blown out, but this happened to me and it only lasted about the first month and a half.
  14. I have tried aquaphor, vaseline, chapstick, aveeno's chapstick, and blistex. Aveeno's moistorising chapstick (the one with the blue cap) it by far the best! (For me) I feel like it actually moistorises, while the others have just felt like a coat of gook on my lips. Each time a tube of what I'm trying runs out, I've tried something different. I'd stick to aveeno's but it's sorta expensive and there's not much in one tube.
  15. Day 105 I missed two days earlier in month 4. About two weeks ago i had a very small pimple form on my upper right cheek slightly below my eye. It lasted about three days and hasn't left that obvious of a redmark. It wasn't even a "normal" pimple. It wasn't large and it didn't form into a whitehead. It just sorta went backdown. Other than that one I haven't had any breakouts. I haven't really experienced any other side effects, except dry eyes, lips, scalp, and a little bit of dry skin. On