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  1. Question: Have you ever had cortisone injections for your cysts? Also, the cysts on different parts of your body could indicated several medical conditions including folliculitis. How frequently have you seen a dermatologist?
  2. I had very good results with doxycycline until it quit working. In the end, the only thing that really did it was accutane.
  3. omg: You are afflicted with one of the cruelest diseaseas of mankind, not so physically debilitating, but psychologically desvastating. Your info says you are 42 and cystic acne could go on easily for another ten or twelve years. (It seems to quiet down after a certain age). At this point I think you have limited options. The first option is to look at cortisone injections for the cysts, the second is surgical excision working with a derm and a medical esthetician. This will not prevent
  4. It is not so much that the cysts can "come back" after a cortisone injection, it is more that they never completely go away sometimes. Having multiple injections on the same cyst is not unknown. Sometimes too, the cyst has to be surgically drained and/or excised and injected before it will completely go away. This is especially true of very deep cysts. Good luck, J.Z.
  5. Ya know something Dan you are right, "angry young zit boy" is an ad hom. But why the attitude and all the anger? So rather than lash out, why not just say: "I know that this is anecdotal, but in the context of my experience there is seems to be a correlation between masturbation and acne flare-ups. I have discussed this with several dermatologists but they have indicated to me that there is nothing conclusive, and that it is a subject of further study." But did you do that? au contraire....
  6. Dan, Your ad hominem attacks only serve to destroy your credibility and your inability to conduct a civil discourse also adds to your problem. If you think you are on to something, then why not contact competent scientific and or medical authority as there is research being done in the area of acne cure and prevention. Posting on a forum populated by laymen and amateurs gives absolutely no veracity to your theory and is instead anecdotal. You accuse us of being "mental midgets" which aga
  7. I have never addressed the "regimen" so please don't draw me into that. Be a little more critical in your responses and refrain from ad hominem attacks. The topic and the question was does masturbation cause acne. There is no proof or indications that it does. Better questions might be: does masturbation appear to make acne worse in some cases? That is the question. A significant portion of the world's population masturbates and they don't have acne, so the issue is one of generalization. To t
  8. First, I love the title of your post. I think if you read a bit about cystic acne on this website, you will learn that acne cysts can last for months. The reason is that the contents have no way to be released, so the body, in the healing process gradually absorbs the material in the cyst. There are several ways to approach this. Read the sticky by Wynne that provides a good home remedy. Go to a dermatologist and have the cyst injected with an anti-inflammatory such as cortisone (this seems
  9. I'm not quite sure what masterbation is, but if you are referring to masturbation, there have been legitimate studies over the years that do not connect masturbation with acne. An orgasm is an orgasm and ejaculation in the male is ejaculation no matter how it is caused. If you think about it, then you might as well say sex in general causes acne...yet nobody ever says that. This is one of the old myths and medical science has disproved the connection. If there is a stress component to acne,
  10. Acne cysts and sebaceous cysts are two different kind of cysts and the cyst you had before puberty sounds like a sebaceous cyst and according to most authorities they don't go away. Unless they become infected they are usually harmless, but they tend to get bigger and bigger over time (not always). They can be surgically removed, but since yours is in the facial area, you might require either a dermatologist who is a plastic surgeon, or have a dermatologist remove it and then go to a plastic sur
  11. No...sebaceous cysts and cystic acne are two different things entirely. Joe Zit
  12. Thanks for sharing what works for you, but please remember that others have given up dairy and have experienced no change. Joe Zit
  13. Can you have someone remove the blackheads around your ears that you can't reach? A sister, good friend or significant other? Perhaps you could budget and to an good esthetician who could remove them...that is one of things that they do. Joe Zit
  14. Dr, Hulda Clark died in September, 2009 of multiple myeloma (a blood and bone cancer). Joe Zit
  15. When the esthetician drained it, were the contents of the cyst totally excised? How long have you been icing it? The treatment advocated by Wynne in her sticky can take a week or so. Does it appear red or inflamed? To me that would be the deciding factor as to whether to seek out a physician right now. Joe Zit