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  1. OMG i jus looked at pictures of dermatitis on google! it scared the living shit outta me! well its not like that i mean not that severe. Right now its just dry not red! its like white dry thingy on my face. it goes red when i go in the sun! could it be because i dont use sunscreen and play basketball in the sun a lot! well thanx a lot for ur help it is def appreciated! THANX yea i ll just wait and watch wat happens for a few days and then go to the derm!
  2. Well my situation is bad! i dunno wat it is so i really really need help! 2 days ago my face started getting all red and itchy and extremely dry! i thought it was dryness so i put the usual pounds cream on it and whenever i put a cream on my face it burns really really badly, seems as if some1 is poking my face with needles! and if i dun put on any cream it seems as if some1 is pulling my face! hurts either way this happened 1 time before like 2 months ago and then got all fine and now its star