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  1. @totalbeautyaddict simple. I was put off by all the horror stories not only here, also on realself and other forums in my country. my impression from stories of people with acne scarring who got laser was: best case scenario= it did absolutely nothing. worst case scenario=permanent change in texture for the worse/permanent discolouration/volume loss/no change to scarring. I dont recall reading many stories (if any at all) that would say - laser rid me of scars, yayyy! However, Sirius lee ofte
  2. Haha, yeah, I recalled that already several times @Sirius Lee But while majority of my scars are shallow, there are a still fewer deeper rolling ones that the sub helped a bit (the filler did not much). But overall yes, I agree, you were right.
  3. Fair enough. I took pictures under the very same lamp that the first pics in this thread that BA just reposted. Original pics are dated Dec 2016. Since then I had 5 dermapen sessions in the course of 2017. Mid- January 2018 - first subcision. End of February 2018 second sub + Dermapen w PRP + TCA cross. End of March 2018 - TCA cross forehead + filler for cheeks. Here go the pics. In the first rant I complaint that the filler did nothing to my shallow scarrin
  4. @Quadboy Mmm, but the poster mentions in his first post he'd had sub and filler before and the scar didnt respond well ... ((
  5. UPDATE: I feel so disheartened and sad and frustrated at the moment. I had filler to my cheeks feel two days ago. And I am looking into the mirror, I am inspecting my face all the time like a crazy person and I literally cannot see any difference. What I was hoping for was a little bit more subcision before the filler (not necessarily Nokor). The reason is many of my scars on my cheeks were never subcised (a lot lot of shallow boxscarring/icepick). Only the deeper ones were subcised,
  6. SO I just had fillers done in my cheek today. Not sure how I feel about it. No subcision this time since the doc deemed it unnecessary. Fair enough. Some parts look nice and fuller and (almost) leveled out with the rest of my face but some shallower scars which have never been subcised...seem to have stayed. It has been around 10 hours, I am dreading I am having a mild donut effect around some scars. The doctor considered these shallow boscars too shallow for a sub but I feel some subcision e
  7. eva_li


    @Sirius Lee Infini where I live is reasonably priced. Pretty much the same price as for PRP (less than 300EUR). That wont be an issue. Some others who advised me here think Infini could yield amazing results on forehead. What are the other cost-effective options? Most doctors refused to subcise the scars that bother me there since its too risky for them. Botox without subcision? I might try but am skeptical. Regarding the filler-Infini stimulation Im gonna talk about it elsewhere.
  8. eva_li


    @Nina22 just finished and send a long PM to you I will comment more on my experience w fillers in my thread not to sidetrack this one
  9. eva_li


    Hi guys! Would it be reasonable to have Infini done ONLY on the forehead? Why? Still too s*scared of the side effects, I value the fat on my cheeks too much, afraid to lose even a slight bit of it. Also, I have been noticing inceremental results on my cheeks w other treatments. Forehead pretty much 0 response. Also, just had filler in my cheeks (I think it was Juvederm Volbella). The doc discouraged me from needling or even peeling the cheeks until the filler wears off (according to him, shou
  10. Hey! May I ask you where did you have the sculptra injected? Which part of your cheek? your face is looking nice, even tone Most of what I m seeing is not-so-deep ice picks - have you thought about TCA cross for these?