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  1. Thanks, I do too. In other news, my birthday is tomorrow (the 7th) so yay for being 19.
  2. Acnescript is finally here! Huzzah! Along with my bottle of Curcumin.
  3. Yeah, I got a confirmation and it showed up on my credit card bill.
  4. It's been 9 days and I haven't gotten my acnescript. How do I email them?
  5. No acnescript today either. I'm getting impatient! As for hanging out, nothing romantic happened. We smoked weed (LOL no judgement please!) and hung out in this park at night, watching the light play on the water. It was gorgeous. I wanted to lay my head on his shoulder but my conch piercing still hurts so that's a no-go there. There was a few times when our knees would touch and we didn't move them. Idk maybe I'm looking into things too much.
  6. Yeah, I still have like four pimples right now and while they're not that bad, i would prefer if they weren't there. Also, guy who I liked asked me to hang tonight. Updates will come... STILL NO ACNESCRIPT THOUGH
  7. Alright, now my big pimples are dying but I keep getting extremely little ones. I think this might have to do with the aspirin/honey mask I've been doing as the aspirin is purging my face out a bit. Today I decided to get my conch pierced because I really need something new to focus on besides my face. I need a part of my body to love, and right now it's my cute little diamond in my ear.
  8. *sigh* I really really REALLY want my acnescript to be here.
  9. Alright, so nevermind. I guess I'm on the tail end of this terrible breakout because I have no new pimples. I used an aspirin and honey mask last night to help get rid of pimples/bring them to a head and I'm using aloe vera gel to HOPEFULLY discourage the formation of redmarks because holy shit these red marks will be HUGE if not.
  10. Ugh! I don't know if it's the weather, my shitty sleeping/dietary habits, or stress (maybe a combination) but my skin is going CRAZY. I'm talking like 4-6 new little pimples a day. Or maybe even hormones since my birth control is making me spot right now.
  11. Good luck girl! I've been doing a similar thing with that, by giving up one piece of my makeup each month (yeah I'm lame and need to space it out that much) April I gave up bronzer May I gave up liquid foundation June I'm giving up eyeliner July I'm giving up powder August I'm giving up mascara and then I will be makeup free.
  12. Aw damn, guess that means I have a few more days to go until mine is here then.
  13. Pretty sure the pimples came afterwards, due to stress. Either way I feel weird because this is one of the few times I've been single single. Like not dating anyone, not talking to anyone, not having a crush on anyone, just nothing. It feels kind of freeing but kind of lonely at the same time.