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  1. Try liver flushes. They will do wonders for red marks. Do not beleive bullshiters who will tell you it's a placebo. Try it out for yourslef a few times and you will be ver happy with the results. Your marks probably won't heal unless you do something about them. This is a cheap way that works.
  2. Just to let you guys know I'm on day 3 of the master cleanser, I feel pretty good and of course my skin is crystal clear, my only question is will this last when I'm done.
  3. Damn. I wanted to order ths stuff but I dont have a credit card EDIT Ok I found it on ebay and i can pay by money order. Is it a good idea to take this before or during a MAster Cleanse?
  4. No, it's impossible to "catch a cold". Your body won't need to.