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  1. Thanks but I think v beam and etc is for redness caused by vein problems, my redness seems caused by come out of the inner layer of skin(which is more reddish than outer skin) and inflammatory response. Any way if my redness does not gone in few month I will do v beam
  2. I used lot of creams. Repairing creams whitening creams antiinflammatory creams sunscreens etc... The laser tear a very thick layer of skin and this cause both prolonged redness and good improvement and also long and hard aftercare
  3. Yes my scarring improved a lot but the prolonged and huge redness after the laser and hard aftercare does NOT worth the improvement... Even after 15 months my skin still is not in its own white color The complete healing process from this laser takes around 2 years I think
  4. Thanks my friend. My skin is still a little red even after one year of my co2 laser, so I want to wait more untill the redness gone then I do sub+micro
  5. But I think every factor which cause stimulate skin turnover can increase the risk of skin cancers. I did a realy invasive co2 laser last year and now I want to do one or two subcision with microneedling to finish my scar journey but I fear because I think I put too much pressure on my skin
  6. Hello to everyone. Every body with moderate to severe scar know that treating scars needs many invasive treatment sessions. Every invasive treatment cause some changes and trauma in skin cells and will cause in increasing proliferation rate of skin cells. I want to know can many treatment sessions for scar, cause skin cancer diseases ?
  7. I know it seems strange but believe me sometimes genetics different aspects appear differently as we get older,I mean when you are young you didnt get scarred because of genetics and also when you get older you get scarred again because of the same genetics. You can see this different genetic appearance pattern in human hair that some guys hair is wavy when they are kid but their hair become straight as they get older
  8. But I think genetics is the most important factor. I saw people with really bad eating habits and smoks that had some pimples but never get scarred I also saw people with really healthy life and good eating habits which get scarred with a simple pimple
  9. I think treating scars is more depend on doctors skill instead of technology progress. I mean right now there are doctors in the world who can treat scars well with todays technology but also there are some fool doctors that I m sure even five years from now even with technology progress, cant treat scars like skillfull doctors can today. In treating acne scars I believe doctors skill is the key not the technology
  10. Yes maybe her biggest problem is she cant hide or stay at home for downtime of treatments
  11. Its all depend on you and your mind my friend. There are people who one simple and small scar can ruin their mind and life and there are also people who dont care about more scars or other physical imperefections I think this different reactions are relevant to the environment and friends and family and also the culture of everyone. In every one s life because of above factors some things become very important to the person Money or family or sex or appearance or scince or a
  12. Hello friends.I know long time passed from when last time Ernestoria visited the site and I know many of you are curious what is he doing now. So I find him in the internet and I can say he become a really successful person in his life. Go and check his site to see what am I talking about http://expanding-leadership.com/about/ernesto-moreno/ He also has instagram and twitter account if you want to ask him question you can find him there
  13. As beautifulambition said subcision can help you a lot. If I were you I would do 4 sessions of subcision+microneedling or infini then you can decide on what to do next
  14. There is a member his name is mester matt I think. I think he achieved 100% improvement
  15. I think first you should do few sessions of subcision to raise your scars. Then you can go with microneedling or infini or acid peels. At the end if some scars will remain you can use fillers. All of this may take more than a year to do