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  1. Nemesis 89

    My horrible experience with subcision - Dr. Sadove

    Fat injection for acne scars is something really hard to do right and need experienced doctor who really know what he or she is doing A small wrong step can make dents and unevenness Subcision and Fillers are far better idea than fat injection for acne scar Fat injection is good idea only on huge volume loss cases
  2. Nemesis 89

    Downtime and results of treatment cost and benefit

    You know I see the patients who go for 2 or even 3 treatments of this Laser and now have closely perfect skin with no side effects But the only problem for them is the long period of redness 2 or 3 session of this Laser brings you more than 1 year red face which really affect your social life and job and etc I think the treatment is usual or traditional co2 which the doctor use it in the highest degree in your scars and the treatment itself take more than 1.5 hour and very painfull and doctor use fractional co2 and eMatrix I think after usual co2 My scars is in my temples and cheeks and I have rolling and boxcar scars. I m around 100percent sure that treatment will not give me long term side effects which I see in other patients who had 2 or 3 sessions My only problem with the treatment is that I cant tolerate another 5 or 6 month period of isolation from social life and my friends and family and job(because of the huge redness) Yes maybe now its too early to do another session I m in the dilemma to go or not go for second session after the redness go away
  3. Nemesis 89

    Downtime and results of treatment cost and benefit

    Really ?! I mean you have tried all of treatment and got 0 percent improvement ?! Is that even possible? Maybe the problem is with the doctor and not the methods Believe me my friend I had subcision in the past with 3 diferent doctors which all of them use same method but I got diferent improvement. Doctor is very imprtant If you see your derms treatment didnt have result dont try to have more treatment with same doctor try to find new derm
  4. Nemesis 89

    Downtime and results of treatment cost and benefit

    Yes it was really invasive laser I didnt even see one member in this site who got about 5 or 6 month of redness for any treatment I think I had most downtimed scar treatment ever I accept your opinion maybe another session does not give me huge improvement again but I still cant get rid of thinking about 90% improvement which I thought the second session can give me. By the way if you were in my shoes and you were sure that the second session will bring good improvement whitout long term risks would you go for second session? Oh no I am sorry and goddamn that doctor who did this to you I myself once have punch elevation which was really bad and cause me more problems. But I go and find another doctors and to scars level that those days I had my scars are very better now I suggest you dont stop and try to find new doctors and methods
  5. Nemesis 89

    Downtime and results of treatment cost and benefit

    Oh no nothing is worse than a failed treatment which cause more scars. I didint try dermabrasion or phenol ever. Thanks and wish you get well soon. Scars is really bad thing in life only people with scars understand how badly scars affect someones life
  6. Nemesis 89

    Downtime and results of treatment cost and benefit

    You know the redness is really huge which none of sunscreens and even make up cant fade it away or help it heal sooner 5 month terrible redness is 100% and I cant run away from it by any tricks Anyway thanks for your answer Do you yourself have scars ?
  7. Hello to every one. I m like many people here suffered from acne and scars both for many years and tried different treatment to treat scars. Every year or two year I went to a new doctor and tried diferent things and in every session my scars got better a little but still not good as I feel comfortable with it. But recently I go and try full face co2 laser which was really painfull and give me huge and long redness which still dosent go away even after 4 month(doc told me between 5 and 6 month it take to go away redness)but the good side of the treatment is its good and noticable improvment in scars(I can say this one session results is better than all of other treatment which I did before totally). Now I am sure that one more session of this laser can gives me around 90% result and I can be happy forever. But my problem is the huge redness that the treatment cause. In first treatment my girlfriend which I plan to marry her left me(because I dont tell her about laser and with my red face cant go and see her and her family and she thought that I was cheating her) and in other hand I have problem in my job because cant go to work with that face and creams on my face and even I cant go see my friends few month because of my face(I m sure every one who see my face in those weeks and month thought that I got bad disease...) Now my family plan to help me to marry with other girl(I am in the middle east and many people marry like this here) and although I fix my absence in my job somehow. My question is if you were in my shoes would you go through second laser treatment or you would go through marriage and job ?(I m 29 and my scars now is not noticable like before but second treatment can take me close to perfect skin)
  8. Hello.actually if the result of filler is permanent so continue it but if its temporary its not something stay with you forever. Why dont you try combination therapy ? I mean in your case I think subcision+co2+prp at the same time or subcision+microneedling+prp maybe gives you good and permanent result. If you have money and time for downtime of this treatment find a good Derm and try it. You know I myself find out that sometimes even famous and good doctors cant treat acne scars if your doctors own treatment plan didnt work and you have to lead him to better treatment plan then your doctor dont know too much about acne scar treatment and you must change your doctor. try to know all doctors and derms in your country and see which one really know something about treating acne scars and really make huge difference for their acne scar patient. i know its sometimes hard to find out who is the best but many doctors have sites and instagram pages you can research and find out the best and actually the truth is that sometimes best doctors in tresting acne scars are not the famous ones and you know in treating acne scars your doctor and his or her skill in treating is the key not the treatment itself becaues a good doctor can gives you best results whit any treatment plan but bad doctors can ruin your face even with best devices and methods. good luck
  9. Nemesis 89

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    My friends maybe this seems to be very strange but the girl which I love left me because of my long downtime after treatment... actually I dont have the courage to tell any body about my treatment of acne scars and now after I lose the girl I loved I m about month out of work because my face is still very red... but at least the good thing is that my swollening gone and some of my scars gone and deep ones improved more than 50% . I am sure just one more treatment session will improved my scars around 90% or so and I can be at the place which I want but still convince my family to come with me and take another long vacation and go to hotel and come back and manage my self at the airport and airplane with bloody face is my future challenge...
  10. Nemesis 89

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    Actually you are lucky that the scar is only on your nose... imagine that scars are all over your face and after treatment your whole face become bloody and red for months
  11. Nemesis 89

    What should i do.

    I completely understand what you feel. Life is really unfair.
  12. Nemesis 89

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    I did co2 Laser. actually I did laser before with no results but I hope this time it works... I will say about results after my redness gone
  13. Nemesis 89

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    Where do you live? Are there no good derms or surgeons that is driving distance? No there is no good derm in my city and I traveled to another city in Turkey
  14. Nemesis 89

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    Hello friends... At the end I decide to travel to another city to see a doctor and I did it... I m somehow shy and its really hard for me to do this but I do the job its really painfull and after treatment my face was bloody its really hard to go back to hotel with that bloody face in unknown city and the bigger problem is to go to the airport and go on airplane with that bloody face... oh... I even cant imagine again that hard hours that every body looking at me... . however finally I come home and I hope the results will worth the money and time and hard job that I did...
  15. Nemesis 89

    How to go on with downtime of treatments

    Actually I think I can manage treatment price with take a week off but I take off before and I fear if they fire me from the job or give part of my job to others. I know it seems strange but I find a dermatologist who treat acne scars with laser and make really big change in scars but this doctor is to far i have to travel with plane around 1 or maybe 2 hours. You know going there is easy coming back home with red face and mask and etc is the problem. I fear in the airport police think I am terrorist or something... Yes you are compeletly true going through this temporary pain will release me a lot I should have courage to do this Yes i fly from toronto to San diego (5hrs) Dr Rullan to get my scars treated. I use tinted sunscreen to cover the redness, it works really well. I stay overnight on the day of the treatment. where do u travel to and from? and who is your doc? Sorry but after the treatment you didnt have any bad feeling of maybe people looking at you in hotel or airplane or say sonething about your face ? how did you manage this bad feeling please tell me thanks Thanks but the products you mentioned needs few days to settle down redness and etc And I am sure doctor will tell me that I should use some special creams after laser and I cant use concealer immediatly after laser