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  1. Nemesis 89

    What's the future of scar treatments?

    I think treating scars is more depend on doctors skill instead of technology progress. I mean right now there are doctors in the world who can treat scars well with todays technology but also there are some fool doctors that I m sure even five years from now even with technology progress, cant treat scars like skillfull doctors can today. In treating acne scars I believe doctors skill is the key not the technology
  2. Nemesis 89

    Tulsi Gabbard has visible acne scars

    Yes maybe her biggest problem is she cant hide or stay at home for downtime of treatments
  3. Nemesis 89

    When to stop treating scars?

    Its all depend on you and your mind my friend. There are people who one simple and small scar can ruin their mind and life and there are also people who dont care about more scars or other physical imperefections I think this different reactions are relevant to the environment and friends and family and also the culture of everyone. In every one s life because of above factors some things become very important to the person Money or family or sex or appearance or scince or a
  4. Nemesis 89

    Combo Treatment: Subsicion + Fraxel + Re-Cell

    Hello friends.I know long time passed from when last time Ernestoria visited the site and I know many of you are curious what is he doing now. So I find him in the internet and I can say he become a really successful person in his life. Go and check his site to see what am I talking about http://expanding-leadership.com/about/ernesto-moreno/ He also has instagram and twitter account if you want to ask him question you can find him there
  5. Nemesis 89

    Best treatment for my acne scars

    As beautifulambition said subcision can help you a lot. If I were you I would do 4 sessions of subcision+microneedling or infini then you can decide on what to do next
  6. There is a member his name is mester matt I think. I think he achieved 100% improvement
  7. Nemesis 89

    Scarring Help.

    I think first you should do few sessions of subcision to raise your scars. Then you can go with microneedling or infini or acid peels. At the end if some scars will remain you can use fillers. All of this may take more than a year to do
  8. Hi.I checked your pics but cant find any big scars .your face looks Ok in overall and you cant call yourself scared person. I mean if you call yourself scared then what other guys with really bad and noticable scars should call themselves ?! Believe me your face seems OK.
  9. Nemesis 89

    Tulsi Gabbard has visible acne scars

    Yes , she has scars and also has a great character and dont let scars affect her life. Also go and check Danny Danons scars. he is a scared face politician but scars dont affect his life
  10. Nemesis 89

    Life is So Unfair

    Yes you are right. Life is unfair but wasting your time on thinking about why life is unfair won't help you. Anybody should do the best with his or her own abilities and resources. Comparing ourself with others every day(in skin,money,family,etc) can ruin our life and mind and dont let you enjoy your life
  11. Nemesis 89

    Lump After Subcision

    She didnt visit the site from 2012 my friend
  12. Nemesis 89

    What is the problem with my skin?

    Hello On your right cheek you need more than subcision and filler I think its better do subcision and fat transfer there
  13. Nemesis 89

    Anyone Have Scars Like Me ?

    You are right Mr Matts result was really good. One important thing about subcision is you should avoid side sleeping or put any pressure on your face for a few weeks after subcision to avoid causing the fibroz bands reattaching again Maybe this is the reason way you didnt get good results Also I check Instagram and there is really good doctor in L.A name Dr.David.Rahimi Go check his pics in instagram it seems he has some good skills in treating acne scars. Good luck
  14. Nemesis 89

    Anyone Have Scars Like Me ?

    Hi I dont want to make this too long but this is my true and real experience: If you try a method to treat your scars and it didnt help its not the method problem its your doctors poor knowledge and poor experience that dont know how to perform that method. I check your photo your scars can improve a lot by true subcision You said you did subcision before but I think your doctor was weak and dont know how to perform subcision Try to find a good an experienced doctor in s
  15. Nemesis 89

    Help me with these Acne Scars

    You have some ice pick scars if your doctor have experience in TCA cross try to do one TCA cross session and then continue with subcision and microneedling or Rf needling