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  1. Do you have a current skincare routine? This includes a cleanser, acne treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen. A good cleanser doesn't have to be something medicated with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These are unneccesary ingredients for the most part since they get washed off before they can have an effect. Some good cleansers are Cerave (hydrating and foaming cleanser) and Cetaphil cleansers. You should use them at least once a day in the evening, and if you need to you can cleanse in
  2. I'm 14 and my acne is killing me. I have a super low self esteem, especially since I used to think I was good looking before I had acne. Now, I can't even look in a mirror without getting depressed. To make things worse, I'm the only one with acne in your family. My parents never had it as bad as me, by brother had perfect smooth skin his whole life, did my sister only gets small breakouts around her period. I have tried everything. Every cleanser, moisturizer, cream, pad and it hasn't helped. I
  3. Having acne as a teen can be extremely frustrating. I'm 14 with acne as well and I often cancel plans with my friends and try my hardest not to leave my home because of my skin. But life can't be lived this way, at least not forever. Please please please do not let acne control your life like it does right now for me. Your teen years should be some of the most fun years of your life, and whether or not you experience that fun shouldn't depend on your skin. Acne is never your own fault unless you
  4. I'm going the visit the dermatologist soon for the first time after reading up a bit on prescription treatments. The best option I have seen is Retin A, but I really don't want to go on it since I heard the purge can be horrible for many months. I'm willing to go on it if it will help, but are there any other alternative the dermatologist can prescribe that does NOT have a purging period? I don't want to have to go through a purge since I don't want to still be broken out because of it by the ti
  5. I'm 14 and about to start 9th grade next year. At the beginning of the 8th grade year my acne wasn't that bad, and I looked pretty good. But then by the end I started to break out on my cheeks and chin instead of my usual forehead breakouts and it started to kill me. I started getting addicted to skincare because everyone at my age had perfect, dewy, glowing skin and I didn't. I would cancel plans with my friends, and i would never look people straight in the face. I even avoid my crush because