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  1. Is it bad that I do not actually know? I was referred by my dermatologist who gave me roaccutain who then referred me to a National Health Plastic Surgeon and he did not give it a specific name. He said it would burn off the top layer of my skin. I did not know there were different types of laser.
  2. Thank you for your advice. Can I ask what was your skin condition before the treatment and after? Also are you dark skinned? I have not heard of needling but will look into it. The surgeon told me apart from laser their were no other options, well nothing that would be successful anyway. Thanks Hi Dan, Thanks for your response. If lasers are not good for acne then what are the good for? Why do you reccomend fillers also? Thank you
  3. I have quite bad acne scars (ice pick and rolling) on my cheeks after a sudden bout of serious cystic acne that came on out of the blue in July last year. I am a female 26 and this has caused me no end of grief and can't remember the last time I wore my hair up for fear of exposing my scars. I was told that I could have laser skin resurfacing to help improve the appearance of my scars but today I visited an NSH surgeon in London who said due to the colour of my skin (I am half persian, half engl
  4. I have read this with great interest as my red marks are really getting me down. I have been on accutane for 6 weeks now and have no new spots but the red marks on my cheeks are quite severe. Can I do this regimen on accutane? Also has anyone heard of scar repairex? http://www.skinlight.co.uk/cat_product_19_...rex+-+50ml.html its supposed to help but my derm said it probably wouldn't.. Has anyone tried this? thank you
  5. Hi there, I have been on accutane for a month now and my acne is not really subsiding yet. My red marks from my very first spots have not faded even slightly either. I have lots of dark red marks that are flat against the skin (not pitted) and these scars make my skin look much worse than it actually is. Can I use any products or do any treatments whilst on accutane? My skin is very similar to yours- in fact I live in hope that after five months mine will look as yours did after 5 months. Sam x
  6. I have been on it for one month now. Started on 20mg and for the past week 40mg which is the maximum dosage I will take. My hair seems to be all over the place and more comes out into my brush than usual. Is there anything I can do it counteract this? I have heard of Nourkin tablets that are suppossed to promote hair growth but not sure if it can be taken the same time as the drugs. Also I am getting mega dry lips and feel depressed although that may be down to the fact that I just split with my
  7. Yes we all know that drugs and binge drinking are bad for you and I will not be silly enough to take it/drink it again whilst on accutane. Binge drinking is a British youth culture thing unfortunately. Sometimes you just need to get wrecked. Some call it escapism I suppose. Skin is suffering big time now though- I didn’t know that booze/drugs could play such havoc with your skin.
  8. Oh shit... I feel a real fool today. I went out last night for one drink after work that turned into a bender that went on till 7am with copious amounts of alcohol and cocaine. I can’t believe I was so stupid to abuse my body in that way whilst on accutane anyway! I am now not only having a come down from hell but my acne is terrible- really red and inflamed and I am worried about what damage I have done to my liver long term. I have been on 40mg for two days and previous to that was taking 20
  9. Dont bother with anything except accutane if i were you. This is exactly thetype of acne I have except I am female and 25. I tried anti biotics and lots of topical soultuions but none worked. I am on accutane for almost 2 weeks now and it is getting better already.
  10. I am on day 6 of accutane 20mg a day going up to 40 mg next week. My skin is like an oil slick and my skin has erupted in boils and more whiteheads. Also it is so inflamed and red- talking of what I miss the most- i miss scraping my hair back off my face and heading out the door with a slick of lipgloss and mascara. Acne is the devils work
  11. Its been 1 week on accutane and I have broken out big style- its so gross, lots of big boils, whiteheads and inflammed bumps as well as blood blisters under the skin. Thing is I know its only a matter of time before it gets better so I can wait for it to heal but what bothers me is the redness. It has always been really red and angry acne and seems to have worsened. The derm said it will nto scar or make pits in my face but I am worried about the colour and will that scar. Also I cannot stop
  12. I would like to know a good answer to this question.. we all moisturise but this does not get rid of my red/purple cheeks. I know bio oil is good for scars but oil is bad for clogging pores so can I use this whilst on accutane? I will ask my dermatologist on Monday and let you know what he says.
  13. On the one hand you sound quite level headed yet there is also a real feeling of hopelessness coming from what your saying. I have not been out for two months- mine is not so bad that I would quit my job but I like you hope that when I feel up for it my friends will be there to go out with when I want to. If yours were not then screw them, best not to have friends like that. If you quite liked your lifestyle before then of course you can go out and get that again. See the new uni as a new lif
  14. I've got to say I do believe that guys with acne are worse off. As you say it is not deemed as acceptable to let your feelings known and on the more physical side at least girls can plaster the makeup on and wear their hair down. More male support needed me tinks!
  15. thats true... support can put things into perspective. perhaps you should make your feelings more known to others around you... if they care about you they should support you. Its a fact girls in general are more vocal than guys about how they feel.