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  1. OCM is the worst thing ever. Plz help

    Ocm ruined my skin completely. I had the mildest form of acne and great skin apart from acne. I used OCM for a few months and suddenly one day I wake up to 3 cystic acne. I never had such acne. Then this started spreading on the sides of my forehead till the point I had to big isolated clusters of cystic acne with 10 inflamed bumps each side. My skin became red even the part where there was no acne and it seemed as if I had rosacea. A guy with clear skin suddenly having such bad Cystic acne, th
  2. Plz be extremely careful with this

    Used coconut oil for a long time. Gave me clogged pores for months which I still cant get rid of and then later these clogged pores became cystic acne. I never had cystic acne in my life. I researched a lot n the internet and found that some people including me have ruined thier skin because of this oil. I am suffering since 4 months and finally had to go on accutane. Plz be careful with this. Stop as soon as you get whiteheads.