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  1. Hello everyone! I know long post... please give it a read?:) Ok, so I’ve been reading this forum form or years. You all seem to be very educated and know what you’re talking about when it comes to acne. I’m really hoping there’s someone that can give me some advice or suggestions for my acne. So backstory... had acne since 13, mostly just whiteheads and some pastuels on my forehead. Never on the lower half of my face where the hormonal acne “should be”. That bothered me so very much t
  2. Hello all! so, I've had these bumps/acne all over my forehead and temples for about 9 years now. Some are just closed comedones, some are very hard white heads, some are just red bumps that never come to a head and occosianally I'll just have a blind pimple. All on my forehead. I've never had a pimple on the lower half of my face. I have tried many things salicylic acid, bp, aha, every supplement, tons of different skincare regimens, high linoleic acids, every single diet I can thing of, birth