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  1. understand? what? that it's hard to accept yourself for who you truly are? Yes, I understand that. I almost feel vain sometimes because I'm so preoccupied with how I look.. but it's slowly wearing off. I mean, we only have one life to live and thinking about how everyone else views you wastes it!<3 Jesus loves you!

  2. thank you very much!

    I get that a lot actually, and still sometimes I have some bad toughts.. it's hard. but i've learned to control it in the pasts few years. i dont know if you understand what i'm talking about haha

    have a great day too!

  3. idk you. but you are really attractive. uhm. im not trying to be weird, but it's a weird compliment to give.. but it has to be said. and if your acne scars don't appear in pictures you are so very lucky. but honestly, you need not worry about your appearance! cheers and have a day of aces!!

  4. Hay! Just took this one. Fortunately, my scars barely appear in pics, and I have plenty lol. Also, hair is a mess in all home pics:
  5. Hi.

    How did you heal your acne?

  6. pure bullshit. I'm very white (like a ghost haha) and i stayed pink for up to 8weeks in every treatment. In the last treatment I did a retinoic acid 10% peel 5 days after the session and I noticed dramatic reduction in the redness try it
  7. i'm back! hello guys, i was in the united states on vacation and now i'm back to brazil.. anyway I'm very happy with my results, like I probably said before, my scars are all here, all of them are better and i'm confortable with my face. This year I will do about 2 or 3 sessions, 3 months apart each one because i don't wanna be red all the time and i'm not desperate for better skin. Maybe some sessions of IPL(luxG) to reduce some redness of certain scars. Kees, you can use hydroquinone in all y
  8. do you have VERY superficial scars? because if you don't, I don't see how something that will achieve less than 780 microns of depth will do anything "remarkable". 780nm +- is the depth achieved with 70mj on starlux.. to make a comparison. 40mj is much less probably :T In your next consultation, tell her that you saw that 1mm is the max depth of the laser, and ask why she isn't use the maximum depth :T anyway, good luck
  9. 1 month after my 4th treatment and I must say, i'm really happy. today one girl commented that my skin look really smooth, and asked if I did something, I denied hahah. I encourage people who are thinking of doing lasers, fraxel or starlux. sure you will see benefits!
  10. links are broken. but, anyway, start with non-ablative lasers. less risky.
  11. I would start with TCA peels. Your skin seems like the type that once redness is gone, is good. Altought this light doesnt help very much best wishes
  12. only 40mj? srlsy, this probably will do nothing to your skin :S and yes, i always left my doctor office like a tomato, after a couple hours redness subsides a little and you become just "red" haha this is a expensive procedure, if your doctor don't use good settings you probably not gonna reach good results, and waste money :T
  13. If your derm is, let's say... careful, he will start with less passes. Probably 2. 100mj it's fine for everyone. To know how your skin react. The problem with multiple passes is hyperpigmentation. I'm VERY white, so my skin is less prone to it. Your skin might be different. Also, if you are not caucasian, probably will benefit using hydroquinone and tretinoin to prevent pigmentation issues. hmm.. one more thing, in my chin, took about 4 months to the little laser lines dissappear(did only 1 pas
  14. I'm back! So, I'm 12 days after my 4th treatment at 100mj. Results? If this isn't microsweeling, I'M FUCKING HAPPY. I guess it's not, this time i got much less swelled. I'll keep this updated. I saw difference between second and third treatment, for sure. Don't spect miracle with any laser device, but for an example, areas that someday i considered doing fillers I don't think I need anymore. I can live with some mild depressions on my face. Kees: No need for painkillers, doesnt hurt. Ask for