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  1. I just used Aveeno for the first time in my life this morning -yah its 2 am but I still up because I get so pissed because of my acne- and my face has never felt this way, it feels so clean, like serious it feels as clean as it has ever felt. I noticed the active ingredient was salicylic acid 2% It got my thinking, i dont think I have ever used anything with salicylic acid...can you guys list some over the counter products with that in it. My acne has come to point where it is very frustrating,
  2. Oh yah and I think have decided to not use anything til i see my derm, give my face a rest from all the stuff i have been putting on it. I been using a Neutrogena Cream Face Wash (oil free) and then a 2.5 bp spot treatment gel. I upped that last week to 10% and then I use Cetaphil Mositurizer
  3. My acne started in 7th grade, and I am about to be a freshmen in college, and I sitll have it. I have had my ups and downs, to whereas it became not to bad. However I still got mild acne, right now i got some on my chin, a little on my check, but the most of it is just redness from where my acne use to be! I am going to the derm ethier next week of the week after (not sure my mom made the appointment) Seriously I guess its not that bad, but it makes me feel shitty about myself. I don't like goi
  4. Ok my acne is mild, but I have serious confidence issues, as I hate doing anything, even getting up and going to school. I have had acne since 8th grade and all the way up to now, (i am a senior now). Going to the Derm is long over due should of done this a long time ago. What can I expect? What is going to happen? I want to talk him into letting me taking acctuane, as i have heard good things. Please some help me with what is going to happen. please help be appreciated.
  5. Alright I have been using Head and Shoulders about two weeks or so, I can def notice a different but I have been using it twice a day, morning and night, should I cut down to one a day? Right now its taken away a lot of the pimples, and now I have a lot of redness, which i believe is scarring. I only got one real pimple on my face right now, that is on my left check but with using H&S a could chance it will go down greatly by 2mor Also I now I am a male, but I can't stand looking in the mi
  6. damn i got acne my 6 grade year when i started yankin the chain i think i might cut down to once a week.
  7. I hate Pro-activ I used to try and get clear before school started what I waste of money, the only thing that works in the refining mask. lately all I have been using is an Aspirin Mask, and my skin is improving, no new break outs, and the acne is going down! I think all the chemicals on my face was just screwing me all up.
  8. stopped me from playing basketball my senior year (I started varsity my junior year, and we did good went to the championship game and lost). stops me from going out with friends stops me from trying to find a job stops me from wanting to look in the mirror make me think about any type of food I am about to eat makes me sit on the computer hour after hour looking for something to help stops me from bein in pictures stops me from being in contact with peers (I don't even have it that ba
  9. so using honey helps even more, since i have used this i have seen some results but not much...
  10. Alright on the side of my checks I had a break out there 2.5 months ago, and its all but gone (3 pimpes left) and they wont go away, they arent white, they are huge, they just wont disapear! What can i use to get rid of it???? Help
  11. how do you use a toner with aspirin?
  12. I have read great reviews from the Treatment Review part on Aspirin Mask. How many of you guys have used it, and is it worth my time? Should I leave it on overnight?
  13. I use to use the lemon juice from the bottle, it worked pretty well, I just ran out and never bothered again...