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  1. 6 Months off Accutane! I cannot believe it has been 6 MONTHS since I have been off Accutane and 1 YEAR since I started! First off, if you are reading this, I encourage you to start reading my blog posts from the beginning to see the stages of my skin and the progress I have made throughout. Being on Accutane for 7 months came with a lot of self confidence issues as my skin got significantly worse throughout the process. After reading many blogs and talking with my dermatologist, I was told
  2. Hi @Ludadubz Thanks for reaching out and I am so glad my story has given you hope! My intention of blogging about my experience was to do exactly that, knowing that I am not the only one that struggles with Acne. Accutane was a long and painful process that comes with ups and downs but based on my experience it is worth it! I remember 3 months into Accutane, my skin was the worst I have ever seen it. It flared so much to the point nothing I did would help. I started to see improvements in Mont
  3. Coming to an end... I can't believe I have been on this medication for around 7 MONTHS! I cant even describe how good it feels to say that I have not had a single breakout in a month and my skin is completely flat and smooth. Now I do have some post redness which my dermatologist says will fade within 3 months of coming off accutane. I do have very minimal atrophic scarring on my cheeks which I will be doing some sort of treatment but not for at least 6 months. I think it is time to give my skin
  4. Progress!!... I am so happy with how far I have come on Accutane. To what my skin was when I started to what it is now is unbelievable! I have not had any cystic acne for at least 2 months now and have only had 3 minor whiteheads within the last month. The dermatologist was amazed at how much progress I have made. He couldn't believe how much the redness had gone down considering I am still on accutane. I has confirmed that I have 1 MORE MONTH LEFT!!! New Makeup... UNBELIEVABLE! After a trip t
  5. Approaching 6 months... I cannot believe that I have been on Accutane for almost 6 months. When I look back at my progress, I cannot believe the transformation it has done to my face. From having a bunch of painful cysts and many whiteheads to now having NO BREAKOUTS! If anything, I have 1 minimal whitehead that surfaces and extracts on its own/ very easily. September 13, 2017 TO December 1, 2017! Still another 2 months... According to my dermatologist, he still wants to keep me on my ac
  6. Update... I know I have missed a couple weeks, however I haven't had many changes in my skin. It is completely flat and I have only has 1 active pimple last week!!! I find that if I do break out, there are minimal whiteheads and normally occur on my chin. I have not broken out anywhere else!!! The redness continues to fade every day, but I know I will have some scarring to work with after being off Accutane. Dermatologist Update... After seeing the dermatologist last week, he was very impresse
  7. Sorry that I missed posting last week... Before I continue.. I wanted to compare my worst photo to my best .. CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENCE! Flat Skin... My skin continues to flatten with only a few breakouts! As my skin flattens, as my dermatologist said, I don't have some surface scarring that I will need to take care of. A lot of the redness that you see on my skin is hyper pigmentation which is something that I will need to treat after coming off accurate. Dry Ski... With the cold weath
  8. I was dumb... This past week, I have had a couple breakouts, 2 being on the upper part of my left cheek which I did extract seeing that the whitehead was at the surface. However, as you will see in the pictures, I have 2 circle marks on both sides of my lips... I had a large cyst growing on the left side of my lip and decided to pop it too early . On my right side, I felt a small under the skin bump and because I had an urge to pick, I decided to go at it even though there was nothing visible...
  9. Minor Breakouts... This past week I have had only 2 breakout which were very minor in which I extracted them due to them being a surfaced white head. On my left cheek, I do feel a cyst growing under my skin however I am hoping that it will not surface. The cyst is growing right where I had my 3 headed cyst from about a month ago so I am guessing it is trying to come back. Flat, Smooth Skin... My skin still remains flat and smooth for the most part and if I wasn't looking in a mirror, I would t
  10. My apologies for not posting the last couple weeks, its been crazy busy with work and I haven't been able to sit down and write my blog post. Smooth & Flat... Over the past couple of weeks I have had maybe a couple pimples but other than that my skin is completely smooth and flat and FEELS AMAZING! Taking Pictures... I find that whenever I take my blog post pictures, the redness looks more inflamed than it actually is. In person, the redness is definitely less visible. It must be the pict
  11. Back from the Carribean… After spending 5 nights in the Caribbean and soaking face body/face in the salt water, I definitely think it made a difference. The first day I got there, I went ahead and popped that three headed cyst which was completely filled with infected puss. I immediately went in the salt water and kept my face half way under water to help with the healing process and it definitely did! I made sure to wear lots of sunscreen and a hat the entire time and for the most part, I did n
  12. Redness has returned… unfortunately the redness has returned significantly since I have been off the prednisone. I have also been breaking out and currently have about 8 active whiteheads and 2 cysts which are very inflamed and causing pressure every time I go to wash my face. Caribbean Salt Water… I am heading to the Caribbean for the next 5 days so I have done everything in my power NOT TO PICK as I hope the salt water will dry out all the whiteheads and they will flake off. As for the
  13. Off prednisone… Last week, I noticed a lot of improvements however this week it is back to normal. I am very red and inflamed again and I am breaking out on my chin with huge whiteheads. I think this is because I have finished my 10 day supply of prednisone so my body is going through withdrawal. I wish I can stay on that pill throughout my entire course but the dermatologist said it is a medication I can only take for a short period of time due to its side effects and risks. Deep Cyst o
  14. Improvements... over this past week I have noticed the most improvement so far throughout this journey. Most of the bumps are starting to flatten accept for a couple of deep cysts that continue to boil below the surface of my skin. Dry, flaky skin... with the increase in dose, my skin has become very flaky once again and my lips are cracking a lot. I continue to use the same lip product and moisturizer and limit makeup as much as possible to let my skin breath. Forehead breakout… Although I
  15. Cluster of Cysts… I continue to break out on my right cheek with a cluster of cheeks that are puss filled and painful to touch. HOWEVER, I am happy to say I have not picked them and hope to keep it that way. Left Side Flattening… I have noticed that this week, my left cheek isn’t breaking out as much and it is beginning to flatten which is really nice to see! Redness… I still have quite a bit of redness but definitely less than when I was in the first month of Accutane. Like my d