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  1. hopefulgirl93

    Job Stress

    definitely!!! Whenever I stress out at work, I automatically expect a pimple or two! I dont wanna be cynical but it doesnt fail to happen!!! I think its the hormones that elevate or rage up so it perfectly make sense that acne in a way is induced in this situation. So since stress is a factor to hormonal changes, I was wondering if oral contraceptives can help regulate it?
  2. I apologize if this question has been brought up before (im sure it has). But, as we all know, acne targets all skin types. Asian , although, arent really subject to a lot of promising scar treatments because of the fact that they are very susceptible to hyperpigmentation. I personally have ice picked scars and possibly rolling scars ( i still cant properly identify them). And I am sorta looking into doing TCA cross. Im just not sure if this is contraindicated with asians too. HELP?
  3. hopefulgirl93

    Accutane + Differin

    Im still on antibiotics, contraceptives and Differin. Honestly, I can say differin wiped all the cystic acne out ,although almost 75% of my face has red marks. Im planning to go on accutane really soon. I was wondering if it helps with the red marks and if it can be used along with differin?
  4. HI guys. Just thought I'd give you an update. I underestimated Differen (and the pills that I take along with it). Honestly, I saw results more or less in 2 weeks. Differin wiped out existing cluster of zits; although, I dont think it'll clear the scars out. I also apply the cream to areas without acne- hoping it would stay that way- but it unfortunately does not prevent future break outs. But yes, Id say it doesnt seem worthless like I thought it would be.
  5. i like the things that you mentioned on your signature! And I immerse my face on luke warm water too! haha i thot im the only one who does that :)

    1. yes, you're right. I have not read anyone getting positive results with differin. But im glad that youve improve on it so far.You give me reasons to hope that it would work on me too. How bad is your acne? If you dont mind me asking.
    2. I remember my doctor prescribing it 2 yrs ago for my mild acne. And i remember telling him that its not working. But he put me on it again anyway! argh. but yeah, lets see what happens when i use it together with antibiotics and pills or what not.
    3. thanks for responding here nick. I dont even know why these doctors are lashing them out to every single case of acne they encounter. Its like setting these clients to failure. Did you have severe case of acne before?
    4. hopefulgirl93

      Quantum Jump

      It almost seemed like it happened overnight
    5. anyone? Im taking oral contracepts and antibiotics but im not sure if im getting any result at all. Ive been on it for a month now. have anyone of you greatly improved by using this method alone?