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  1. see i would do that because i feel i can keep acne at bay with topicals but unfortunately there is nothing at all i can use to stop oil but accutane
  2. To summarize, this is my second course of accutane. I only had mild acne but very oily skin a few months ago when I sent on my second course of 80 mgs/per day (I weight 180 lbs). I was completely clear after 2nd month. Now I finished the 4th month and just got prescribed for the 5th. Since I've been clear so long, do I really need to take the 5th month or should I use the 5th month's pills to take 1 pill a week to keep for a year or so to keep my oil at bay? My derm already told me he won't
  3. I also heard OC Eight was good for controlling oil production
  4. thanks. yea, i was wondering what gentle cleanser i'd use. something tells me cetaphil is too cheap for the specific skin conditions we all probably have :)
  5. I'm about to finish a course of accutane for mild acne but lots of oil. I love having no oil/acne on tane and since I'm about to go off, I want to try to maintain results. I have some red marks and I don't want to use both Finacea and a Retin A because I'd rather be calm to my face. Which topical should I use?
  6. man you need to chill out and give your parents some respect. you obviously don't have the money to pay for it so you should be happy they're getting you everything. it is very rude to call your mom a "cheap ass." sotret is the exact same stuff. exactly. the. same. i can see this now because i'm a little older and i assume you are in the mid teenage years where you want to hate your parents. don't do that, you'll regret it when you're in your 20s.
  7. i would assume doctors would be hesitant to prescribe "maintenance doses." i'm about to finish my course and i don't think my doctor will prescribe any more pills for me. i'm gonna be upset if that's the case because i had horrible oil before accutane and i assume it will be back within a few months
  8. how much tane were you on and what did you weigh? im on my 4th month and i'm loving having no oil
  9. how bad was your oil before? how bad is it now? how bad was your oil before? how bad is it now? and sorry, are you using topicals?
  10. I've been on it exactly 3 months (80 mgs per day). I weight 180 pounds. This is my second course. Before I starting taking the 2nd course, I had mild acne and really oily skin. Because of my mild acne, I was clear in a month and a half. I have a derm appt Monday and I'm afraid he won't prescribe my more accutane because my face had 0 acne/oil on it. Is this 3 months enough, because I want to stay on tane as long as possible because I want my oil/acne gone forever.
  11. yea thanks, i was actually thinking about lowering my dosage from 80 to 40 to help out with the side effects. i had mild acne to begin with, and my face almost completely cleared in the first month on 80. now, im starting my second month. will lowering the dosage to 40 make lips less chapped, or not really noticably?
  12. i just started accutane so i haven't seen the full side effects yet but is gross making out with someone on accutane with really dry lips? does the dryness go away when a lot of saliva are over them? i'm concerned about the future lovely's who will have the pleasure...
  13. yea the same doc prescribed both, but i have 3 refills remaining in both of them so i can use whichever cream would work best