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  1. For some people, it's the only thing that works. I had acne for 20 years -- and was really nervous to take it -- but I had tried everything and my only regret was that I hadn't started much sooner!!!
  2. I got joint and bone pain right away both times I did Accutane. And both times, the side effects went away after I finished my courses. Good luck!
  3. I didn't really moisturize on Accutane -- just used Aquaphor on my chapped lips. Don't use moisturizers if you're afraid it's going to break you out. Just stay out of strong sun since you won't have sunscreen on and you should be fine!
  4. I agree with the post above. Breaking out at three months is normal. Don't lose hope.
  5. Hair loss from Accutane is rare. Good luck with your treatment! It works miracles!
  6. I've done Accutane twice, and every side effect that I had while on the medication, went away after I was done. Totally worth it!
  7. Just an update. My skin is beautiful! I am getting so many compliments -- from strangers! Thank you, Accutane. Please don't wait to take the Tane if you're undecided! It works!!!!! YAY!!!
  8. Hey Friends: I wanted to post (for the first time in years) because I cannot BELIEVE the success that I am having with Accutane. I mean...the only downside is that I did not do this 10 years ago. A little history: Starting getting acne as a girl, when I was 11. It was unrelenting cystic acne continuously until now. For one reason or another, I stayed away from Accutane and thus tried everything else -- and I mean EVERYTHING: Antibiotics, topicals (OTC & scripts), chemical peels, lasers (V
  9. No cheese and chocolate?? Woah! Slow down! I may be desperate, but I'm not crazy . . . Seriously, thanks for the advice; I'll see what I can do . . .
  10. I am a 26 year old female--soon to be 27--and I have suffered from acne for over 15 years. I don't have deep cystic acne--just an ever-present, annoying affliction of zits--anywhere from 2 to 20 at a time. For years, I used topicals, birth control, and antibiotics, but after hearing the warnings about antibiotics, and being terrified of Accutane, I started to seek alternatives. After 10 Smoothbeam treatments with no improvement, I finally gave up and found a new hot-shot dermotologist in New Y
  11. I have just had my sixth SmoothBeam treatment for moderate acne, and still haven't seen great results. I found out at my last treatment about the "levels" at which the technician zaps my face. Apparently, she started at "11" and increased by half a level every visit. After my last visit, which was at level 13.5, I actually feel that something about my skin is different, and since the people with the best results seem to be having treatments at 14, I'm optimistic that the higher level will f