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  1. This may not be easy to do, or what you want to hear. If u can I'd go on with your life and worry about the scars later. Finish your education, get a great job, and enjoy life.
  2. Thanks for the reply gigglebox. I didn't know about their sponges. Do u think their sponges apply foundation better than the Kabuki?
  3. Have you tried AN primer? What do you think about it? I've been using the powder one, and it's okay I just ordered the liquid one and I am sooo excited! Did it help hide pores, did your skinbreak-out? I love smashbox primer but I think it breaks me out and I wanted to try something new. What are your reviews about it?
  4. My fav. blushes are- Mac - Loverush Aubrey Nicole - Beautiful blush, and Dusty rose Urban Decay - Score Liquid eyeliner lasts the longest - IMO (b/c I have oily eyelashes.) I use revlon colorstay.
  5. Tell me about it! I have moments of awful acne buyers guilt! Idk, green cream seems to pack a big punch.. Did you opt for the 3% or the 6%? I can't use mine right now, but I got the impression that a bottle will last quite a while.
  6. Yeah it is kinda pricey, but hopefull it'll work well for you. So many people on the boards rave about it. I'm going to break-down and buy some in the near future. I feel so guilty for how much money I spend on taking care of/trying to fix my face, so I've put off buying it.
  7. I use AN's concealer brush, and concealer and it'll cover almost anything ( I apply a few layers and then blend really well) of course you can still see the bump, but it covers any redness or discoloration. If u decide to go back to liquid ultima II concealer works well, and it's inexpensive, or lancome is pretty good. Hth. My personal experience is that mineral concealer covers better though.
  8. No, that's not why. I don't like the idea of animals being hurt for us to consume but I just tried never really to think about it b-4 I just accepted it as a way of life. My reasons for doing this is so I can be as healthy as possible.
  9. So I've decided to go vegan, and only consume raw vegetables / fruits. No dairy, meat, flour, or cooked foods. I feel so much healthier if I only eat raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Is anyone else a raw vegan? I'll keep you all posted. I've been attemting to do this for the past few weeks and have been successful but have broken the diet a few times. I've definately decided this is the way to go I feel so much better and my skin looks better too.