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  1. I'm pretty good, Hadn't talked to you in a while. :)

  2. How's everything going with you?

  3. hi wats up u should download yahoo messenger like so i can get a chat to u the website is http://messenger.yahoo.com/

    if u want to download it sure

  4. no bother so how r u then?? have u got yahoo ???

  5. thanks for adding me =)

  6. i c u should give me a time when ur going to b on sure and i c wat i can do l live in the uk like so the time difference mite b a bit difficult

  7. hey erytime i go on the chat here...im all alone.. :(

  8. naw dont have that now only msn and yahoo lol go on to the chat on this website and ill get a chat to u there sure

  9. lol...oh ok..well i have aim!


  10. lol..wat do you mean by yahoo?

  11. have i got yahoo??

  12. hi wats up ?? have yer got yahoo then ???