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  1. So after the past two years of the most excessive journey . I FINALLY have near perfect success ! ( for me that is ) it has been ALOT of trial and error and ups and downs. but Finally i am very very happy with my skin. I am not going to list all of the things that diddnt work for me because that would take many many paragraphs but I am going to tell you the things I’m doing now that are working so good I had to write a post about it. I am going to walk through my day from the minute I wake up u
  2. Love it but

    I love this stuff ! It's the best face moisturizer I've found in a long time it's light absorbs quickly says it's non comedogenic! The only bad part is I've had this bottle for about two months used it morning and night , and the past week or two I feel like it smells weird . This is a non sentence moisturizer so it's weird it randomly developed a smell . When it first drys I can smell it then it goes away . Maybe fishy ? But not really ? And very very slight . Idk but I do know that it was expe
  3. Misswatson



    I looked into abs a lot , I got mine from amazon it's the incredible by nature brand . When looking for abs it needs to be raw organic , and 100% pure unrefined. Mine was made in Africa so that's good lol . The kind I have comes in a big block I cut it in half and put it in two zip lock bags then I use one of the half at a time and cut pieces off . Each piece lasts me about two days . I got a soap holder from wallgreens about two dollars put the pice I cut off one of the blocks in it . Never p