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  1. Still improving here..Well, perhaps you could say it is my hormones balancing etc etc.. But after months of despair, terrible skin and people telling me it would clear up.. My skin is finally pretty much clear (apart from little red scars which should fade in time). My skin was not great before the pregnancy..due to me stopping the pill a year before. I am in the fortunate position of being stuck at home all day and able to apply it to my face whenever I want. I am not taking any other supp
  2. Hiya Jen, I did post in reply to the other thread in Nutrition etc a couple of weeks ago... but in response to recent flak here's an update..My skin has been looking much better recently.. I am recovering from incredible flare up during early pregnancy and am now at 5 months. Previously I said that I had been putting a little of my own midstream urine on morning an night after being reminded of urine therapy by your post. I was not sure whether it was just natural hormonal balance and recover
  3. Pregnancy has been working well for me! I have gained about 7 kilograms in the last 4 months! I think eating good protein is always the best way to gain weight healthily.
  4. Wow! I cannot believe how angry people get about this topic.. when many cultures across the world have used urine as a treatment for all sorts of ailments for millennia. I guess we are so accustomed in the west to think of it as disgusting. Actually to my understanding urine isn't a waste product in the same way as feces, it is a filtration system for the blood and contains all sorts of minerals suited to each individuals personal makeup. I posted on here about a month ago suffering badly with
  5. Bittermp "usually if a woman is not glowing during pregnancy and is say looking or feeling "ugly" the old wive's tale is that they're gonna have a girl and all the beauty is going to the baby...so just think...yeah, i may not look so good now but I'm gonna have a happy, healthy and beauitful baby girl!! " Well, my baby is a boy as confirmed by Ultrasound 2 weeks ago. However, here in Italy the old wives tale says that if the mother feels ugly and has some bad skin that it is a boy! Hmm?!?
  6. Dear Jess, Thanks for your epic reply , kind words and advice. It sounds like you are having the opposite experience to me at the moment. I will try looking at a pregnancy specific site like you said. It is hard because there are two girls among our friends at the moment who are also pregnant and beautifully glowing. All Italian women look wondrously glam to me right now..Hmph! Everything you say about my little boy is right, I must concentrate on him. In truth I would suffer this and 10 tim
  7. Hiya, The tea tree I am using is neat and I am applying small amounts directly to spots, it seems to be helping a little. As far as I know the amount of AHA in moisturiser should be fine, but I think it is a little too harsh for my skin at the moment. My back is almost completely clear, except for the horrible red marks which need to fade, I am not sure why it is clear, or whether it will stay like this. I have to admit I feel pretty low today though, even though I am trying to convince mysel
  8. I am totally there with you! I am 4 1/2 months pregnanct and feeling pretty low with painful red spots around my chin, temples, ears, chest and back. My skin gradually got worse after stopping Birth Control in may 2006. It is very depressing, as I am not having an easy pregnancy anyway and I wish I looked glowing and happy like they always say that you will. Recently my skin on the back is clearing and it generally looks a little better, I do not want to tempt fate, but perhaps this is the hormo
  9. My skin reacted hormonally gradually after about 4 months after stopping Birth Control (it was deceptively clear for the first 4 months) by 8 months it was terrible and at 10 months I fell pregnant. I am now 4.5 months pregnant and my skin is pretty bad. It looks like is is clearing at the moment, but that has happened in previous months and then it get worse again! SIGH!!!! I hoped the pregnancy may as a side effect rebalance me and clear it. I am now scared that my hormones will NEVER rebalanc
  10. Hi There! I totally sympathise! I came off the pill a year or so ago in the hope to start a family. I have endometriosis and after a few months free from the pil, my skin started to deteriorate as I suspected it would! Anyway I am now 4 1/2 months pregnant (just found out it's a boy!) and my skin is currently as bad as it has ever been.. this I am sure is the hormones going mental.. I am living in hope that something may rebalance in my system and in the next few months it may improve.. I
  11. Hi All, I dont know if people have posted about this topic before or where is the correct place to post. HELP ME!! But I find this website so helpful so here goes: Do any of you ladies out there have any experience or advice? I have generally suffered moderately with my skin my whole life, although while taking the pill it was OKish, last year I stopped taking the pill and gradually my skin became worse and worse..though manageable. I have endometriosis and I know my acne is totally related to